Cool, crisp mornings.

On Friday, it did really rain.  We got in excess of 3 inches.  The lawn has greened up and the garden has stopped wilting and things are starting to set fall flowers. 

Mable is not feeling well.  She had to go to the emergency vet yesterday.  She is in a good bit of pain in her nether regions from a glandular impaction (see how delicately I can turn a phrase?).  She was in just a bit of pain for a couple of days, but it only affected her during a specific activity and she was her normal self the rest of the time.  But, yesterday, it began to escalate and Rob planned to take her to the regular vet this morning, but around 5pm, we decided she didn’t need to wait.  And, they solved the problem and put her on an antibiotic and a pain pill, so she’s got the look of a stoned teenager when she even bothers to raise her head to acknowledge that I’ve entered the room. 

But, I think she was still in better shape than poor Rob, who doesn’t do well when his baby is in pain.

Me?  I started Sydney’s coat.  She didn’t choose her outer shell fabric very well and I was so desperate to make something she’d wear that I let it happen.  And, now I’m trying to convince her to let me put a layer in between.  I think I’ve got her sold, so I’m not bringing it up again.  Not a word.  I’m just going to proceed.  I’ve learned that’s the best way with a teen; get something close to consensus and run with it.  Run fast.

I’m off to work.  Should be an interesting day.  Hopefully, my boss will stop asking if it’s time to start posting for my replacement, because I just don’t know.  He asked me that on Thursday.  Before the interviews were even over. 

I have really had about as much stimulation as I can handle.  I need a quiet and dark room for about four days. 

Everybody have a great Monday.  I’m enjoying the 60’s this morning because it’s going to be back in the low 90’s this afternoon.



Pam said...

Good luck with the coat Lane! I'm sure you can make it work, Tim Gunn style:) But I agree with you in my items I didn't like -- the hand of the fabric largely played into it! Yes, I know what you mean about a quiet dark room.

Kath said...

poor old Mabel, our dog had the same problem a few weeks back.
It sounds very hot in your part of the country, my husband is in Boston MA this week for work they seem to have similar temps to those in England at the moment.
Looking at a map of the USA, again I am struck by the sheer size of your country. Living on a tiny island like England, it is hard to imagine.

lw said...

Poor little Mabel! I hope she feels better soon.

I had to wear a sweater this morning for the first time in six months.

Freda said...

Our poodle had to have that gland drained each month. A groomer will drain it or of course a vet.

Freda said...

Our poodle had to have that gland drained each month. A groomer will drain it or of course a vet.

Elizabeth said...

Pets are part of the family. You get attached to them and they require almost as much attention and money as a teenager ;).

Good luck with the job. My fingers are crossed for you.

And Sydney's coat will be lovely.

xo -E