The birthday girl

I can’t believe it either.  Seventeen.  She came to us two weeks before her ninth birthday. 


This is the kind of picture you get when you hand your phone to your seventeen year old and tell her to take a selfie.  I swear, she wasn’t surprised.  Or confused.  But, that look kind of implies both, huh?  Who gets girls? 

The black coat she’s wearing was her birthday gift.  She also is getting a pair of boots tonight.  And, a couple other things from Rob.  Underwear she chose for herself and I wish I hadn’t looked at to fold when I wrapped it.  This morning, she wanted to get to school real early.  The girls from cosmetology were taking her in for a birthday makeover. 

Who knows what she came out of that looking like.  But, we made sure she had the things she needed to undo anything they did.

She didn’t ask for anything special for dinner, but for breakfast, she asked for homemade pancakes, real bacon (not turkey bacon) and eggs over easy.  So, that’s how I started my day. 

I’m glad she’s here.  I’m glad she’s having a good seventeenth. 

I didn’t choose to have children.  But, I did choose to be a parent.  It was a hard decision to make and we made it in about two hours because it had to be quick.  Decisions that change your life are supposed to be hard and sometimes, you have to decide quick. 

I mess up a lot.  But, I get a lot right, too.  I guess I’ll keep doing it.  I’ve got nothing better to do with my time. 

Just one more year til she’s legal.  Lord help us!



Gisela Suski said...

She is precious and you have her 24/7. My son is going through a divorce and has 2 daughters and he has to see his children on a schedule- it is horrible. Mom wanted the divorce.

Hazel said...

You and Rob have done a great job with her she has grown in a beautiful young lady,Happy Birthday .

Becky said...

Lane, you and Rob are doing a great job! She is beautiful, young lady, and she will turn out fine! Happy Birthday, beautiful Sydney!

quiltermom said...

The silence is deafening when they leave the nest. Enjoy every minute of this next year, it goes by so fast!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Syd - Lane she is absolutely stunning and you and Rob have a lot to be proud of keep up the good work. You have already formed the ground work and she is going to do great things. Please wish her.
Sue Smit

andsewon said...

Happy Birthday cute Sydney! Hope it was wonderful all day long! We share the same birthday! Lane, you and Rob are doing fine! We all parent/parented the best way we could and hoped for the best! Sydney will come to know how lucky she was to have landed in you're and Rob's heart and home!
It don't end at 18 it lasts all your life!!

Denise in PA said...

Happy Birthday, Sydney! From reading your blog, I can tell you've done a whole lot right! I think a lot of people could learn a lot from your parenting-style. Good for you and Rob, fantastic for Sydney!

Anonymous said...

She is so lovely, give her our best wishes! Parenting is a lifelong job. But for the later years it is mostly keeping your mouth shut and ears open. my youngest, in his 30s is coming to dinner, so I have to get a move on.

Barb H said...

Lane, you and Rob have raised a beautiful young woman. I remember reading your blog when she first came to live with the two of you, and all three of you have come a long, long way from those early days. Well done, you two. Or three.

Carla said...

She is growing into a beautiful young lady. Can't believe she's 17.
Hope Sydney had an awesome birthday.