The hat pattern

Couple of people asked about the hat pattern yesterday. 


It came from this book


Men’s Knits by Erika Knight.  This is a pretty good book, but not my favorite for men’s knitting patterns.  The patterns are a bit complex sometimes, and the models are all so glum looking that the garments don’t just blow me away.  But, it had this great hat pattern that could be modified to knit in the round on dpn’s, or knitted flat with a seam up the back.  I chose to knit it flat because I didn’t have the large dpn’s. 

Today, I am off to Minneapolis.  I repacked last night, taking out some things and adding heavier things.  Less under clothes and more heavy outer garments that I can put on and take off in public.  I’ll be indoors most of the time I’m there, so I just need to be dressed for short car trips…and some unknown “fun event”…which could be anything…Seriously.  Anything.  This is such and unpredictable group.

The high today in Minneapolis is 16*.  WHAT?????  Yes, that’s right.  And, on Thursday, when I’m headed to the airport before the sun comes up, the low is going to be 1*. 

This is why I don’t usually travel north in winter.  That and the fact that my team is from the north and it’s a new team and I just can’t swear that they’re going to have my back when I say it’s too cold.

But, as Gloria Gaynor said “I will survive”.  The plan is to return with 10 healthy toes.  That’s the measure of success here. 

Everybody have a great week.  Between putting clothes on and taking them off, I’m not sure I’ll have time to blog.  Besides, I’ll probably be shivering, so I’ll be back later in the week.  If you see a man knitting a black sock in the airports today, it’s probably me.  Say Hey!



mssewcrazy said...

Good luck with the cold. That is such dangerous weather. One daughter who lives in a cold area said even your eyes will freeze or any exposed skin very fast. I couldn't hack that so will just contend with the heat here. Thanks for the hat info, I am debating adding that book as I really like your hat knit in the flat.I am a very amateur knitter so it would need to be fool proof.

mssewcrazy said...

Found a used copy for $7 including shipping so decided I would see if I could do a hat. I have lots of yarn from the days before machine embroidery became a hobby so won't be a lot lost if the hat eludes me. We won't mention the sock book and specialty pattern called the Iowa Crew Sock that is waiting for me to take action.

Lyn said...

I can't imagine myself in that "FREEZING " weather. Like your hat! Add a crocheted flower on the side and I'll call it mine. ��. Have a safe trip!! Lyn W

Lakegaldonna said...

Hey Lane, thx for letting us all know of your travels. Sorry you have to be in Minneapolis at this weather season. I went to college there so I know how the weather rolls......

Hope your new coat and the layers are enough.

I'm currently at the Dear Jane retreat in Shipshewana, IN and baby it's cold here too. Mind you I live in middle Wisconsin so we are supposed to used to the cold, bah.

Anyway, the Janes, all 120 of us have just set up and we are stitching away. Such fun.

Stay safe and warm and hope to hear from you soon through your blog.