What have I been up to?

Rob's Mom has been in town this weekend.  It's been a festival of food around here.  We've talked and watched movies and we went antique shopping.  We've cooked and eaten and Syd and Grandma have played board games.  Today, I go back to work, but Syd has a choir thing where they're going to sing patriotic songs at a nearby big box store.  Grandma will get to hear her sing with choir. 
And, I've kept myself busy in the slow times by working on a new Christmas tree skirt.  I can't take credit for anything but the sewing.  It's an adaptation of one that a blogger I follow made.  I'm pretty sure she follows me, too, so please pipe up and tell us who you are.  I was sure I'd get it finished and remember who to give credit to.  Ooops!  I printed a picture from her blog and used it to draft the pattern.  Hers has an additional set of points that point outward, made of red and green strips, but I decided to leave those off.  This is plenty big at 48" across.  The outer border is a print of wrapped holiday packages, which is perfect for under a tree. 

I drafted the pattern to the size I wanted and then sewed strips of green fabric together into two large pieces.  Then, I cut the tree shape out of my paper pattern and used it as a template to cut the trees.  I laid it on the strip set and then added a quarter inch around all the sides and cut it out.  I was careful to lay the template on different sections of the fabric, so no two trees are identical. 

Now, I just need to find something big enough to use as a back and I can layer this and quilt it and get it ready for holiday decorating...

Or, I could fold the edge under and hand stitch it down with big running stitches and let that be it for this year.  Then, I'd have a whole year to quilt it before we needed it again.  You can translate that as, next November, I'll be trying to find time to quilt it again, before holiday decorating.

Oh, well.  I am what I am and what I am is way overly ambitious.  But, I'm never bored.

Everybody have a great Tuesday.  Celebrate the veterans in your life.  At the choir concert last week, they sang a medley that included the anthems of all the branches of the military.  They asked veterans in the crowd to stand when their anthem was sung.  It made my heart swell to see them, standing proud, many with hands behind their backs "at ease". 

For a few minutes, it made me proud to be an American.  I could forget the terrible mess we're making and just be proud for people that were proud to have served. I mean, for God's sake, I'm looking for anything to be proud of... and it ain't in the news.



Steffi´s Candy Quilts said...

Hi Lane!
The one with the tree skirt was me. :-) Here is a link to the blog post:
I also cannot take credit for the pattern, I saw it somewhere on the internet, but that version had a scalloped edge.
Yours looks great! The fabrics with the wrapped gifts is perfect.

quiltfool said...

Cool! That's the one. I'm so glad you linked a picture of yours, too so people can see what I was talking about in the outer border. Lane

Rebecca Grace said...

Ah, Lane. The difference between you and me is that while I spent almost an entire afternoon googling and Pinterest-searching and daydreaming about ideas for making a set of new stockings and a tree skirt, you actually got to the part where you cut up fabric and sew it back together again. So whether it gets quilted this year or not, I'm already in awe. :-) I love that you used the novelty package print around the edges, where it will show under the tree. Happy Veteran's Day!

Elizabeth said...

Over ambitious. Yeah, me too! I've had to cut back to the bare essentials though. I don't know how you get it all done.

Mr. Bug served in the Navy for 6 years. Gulf War. I'm pretty proud of him.

xo -E