Holiday quilt, the director’s cut

Okay, I toyed with “the director’s cut” or “the extended version”.  Either one was good. 

I finished this quilt in what for me was record time.  We bought the kit on vacation in June and I finished it on Thanksgiving.  And, in between, I finished 2 quilts for a show.  So, really, record time, since most quilt tops sit on the shelf longer than that, just waiting to be quilted.


Anyway, because haste always makes waste, some of the quilting will have to be pulled and replaced.  It’s really bad.  I lowered the tension on the monofilament thread too much and when you run your hand over it, it feels like sandpaper.  HATE that.  And, it’s a shame because the quilting is really good and precise.  And, it is not my first time to make this very exact same mistake.  I’m going to write myself some instructions on a note card and store them with my monofilament, so hopefully this will be my last time. 

Yeah, right.

I’m just as happy with the back as I am with the front.  I just love this extension I added to the backing fabric to make my two yards be big enough. 


I am the king of making two yards work as a backing.

Because the top is monofilament and the bobbin thread was black and the quilt back is mostly black, you really only see the quilting in this strip.


And, I had a few pieces left over from the panel.


My friend D is having a similar dilemma about a panel and I suggested she do what I’m going to do.  Cut the panel down to it’s individual pieces and alternate it with pieced blocks.  I’ve been making random blocks and will make a few more.  Then, I’ll lay them down with those panel pieces and hope to get a couple of table runners out of it. 


I plan to use these very expensive fabrics right down to the very last scrap. 

For my next trick, I’ll piece a baby quilt out of my scrap user’s system bins. 

A scrappy quilt is a happy quilt. 

Have a great Thursday.  I hope we get the holiday quilts hung this weekend.  We’re running out of space to display them.  Could it be that there are too many? 




lw said...

I agree about scrappy quilts, they're inherently more diverse and interesting. I love that you use every scrap, too, though I have noticed that even after I pieced a king sized quilt from my scraps, there didn't seem to be any less scraps in my bin when I finished.

Kath said...

No, you just need more walls Lane.