Holiday quilts

How about pics of the holiday quilts.  The goal has been to make a holiday quilt every year, and I think I have, except for maybe last year.



Technically, the red silk quilt isn’t a holiday quilt, but the colors matched so close that it got to stay.

Started 2013 but still unfinished.


2012.  That one won a prize.


2010-2011…because some quilts just take that long to make.


In 2010, we hung that quilt unquilted, just enjoying the top and it got quilted in 2011.

“Earlier than that…”


I made this wreath when Sydney was in middle school….one of those years.



These two attic windows were made before she got here, so more than 8 years ago.


I made this Santa so long ago that I didn’t realize that the hand stitching I put in to accentuate some of the lines was hand quilting.  He’s hung on our door every year since.  There are bells, so no slipping out unnoticed. 

This poor little table topper came before I understood…well, before I understood lots of stuff about quilting.  But, it’s fun anyway.


And, Rob’s table runner, laid across the treadle in the foyer.


Everybody have a great Wednesday…isn’t it Wednesday?  I sure hope so.  The days pass so fast and unpredictably near the holidays.  Anyway, have a great day and I’ll try to get pics of Rob’s village and the other decorations soon.



lw said...

I love the Christmas quilts. I never thought of hanging them on doors, which will change my mind about wall hangings. Isn't it fun seeing all of the quilts you've made, and seeing how far you've come? And realizing that even the first clueless ones are beautiful.

Gisela Suski said...

Do you get quilting items for Christmas? Last year I got some fat
quarters and a quilt puzzle. Two years ago I got my 221 machine. This year I am asking for a needle threader (I will probably have to go and buy it for myself after Christmas).

mssewcrazy said...

The holiday quilts are beautiful. I have a whole new mission to make one for the wall after seeing these. I have a simple one made from junk that my now vet daughter helped me do when she was small.I put it out every year and love the Christmas colors. You know you should finish the pine tree one so do it. It is gorgeous as well. I think someplace if it hasn't been donated there is some fabric like the Santa that is a Christmas tree. I think after admiring your Santa I will see if I can find it and think on doing something with it. I really love the runner on the treadle. Outstanding work all.