Just like every other day

You know, when I was a kid, I really looked forward to the special days.  Now that I’m older, special days tire me out.  I relish the average, normal, busy day when nothing much special happens. 

So, I thought today, I’d show you a pretty…


This is my Camelia Sasanquah (I think I did that right).  It’s my December bloomer.  Every year, right around the first of December, when everything else is going to sleep, these deep pink blossoms start to open with their cheerful yellow centers.  It’s just getting started now, and by Christmas, it should be a bright blooming spot in the yard, even if we have freezing weather between now and then. 

And, here’s a not-so-pretty…


Okay, okay, it’s just the first layout.  It will get better.  Right now, it looks like I dropped my blocks in the floor and took a picture.  And, honestly, that’s just about what it was.  I want to illustrate my process for design.  And, basically, all the stuff I design starts just like this. 

Now that it’s on the design-floor, I can do my first assessment.  What’s the first thing I notice?  It’s too busy.  Too many small pieces.  I need some places for the eye to rest.  Adding more of those little gift tags like the ones on the left side will help.  Insert them and build up around them for size, then start to add some borders. 

But, this first assessment is important to my process.  It used to really make me mad when I’d work on something, thinking it would look just so.  And, then when I laid it out the first time, it blew.  Now, I recognize that for what it is…part of the process of creating.

Sometimes, I wish I could pull out a graph paper and draw out what I’m going to create.  I know the pros mostly do it that way. 

But, that ain’t me.  This is me:  Rush in like a fool.  Make mistakes.  Waste.  End up with something lovely.

Everybody have a great Friday.  Much work will be done.  And then, there will be homemade chili. 

Okay, not chili because I put beans in mine and Sheldon Cooper says that makes it not chili. 




lw said...

Your design process is really different from mine, and I'm dying to try it out your way as soon as I get a chance.

Anonymous said...

We have 3 bushes and they are in full bloom. We must be several weeks ahead of you. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! The runner is going to be beautiful also. Give family our love and save some for yourself. lum

Lakegaldonna said...

I made chili yesterday for company coming today for lunch. Funny, I have not heard Sheldon Cooper say that about chili beans. Guess I need to catch more reruns.

Auntie Em said...

We had an ongoing disagreement at our house about whether chili was made with or without beans. It was finally settled one night while watching "Big Bang".
I lost, but I still make it with beans and call it "chili" :-)