A good pattern

Sometimes, you walk up on a pattern that is just right for the need. 

The pattern is Barb Wire from the book Twosey-Foursey quilts by Cathy Wierzbicki.  It's a great pattern for Linus quilts. 

It goes together quick.  It's quick to cut from scraps.  There's enough of a challenge to make it fun to make again and again, in different colors. 

The first one I made was green and square.

I won't make another square one this big.  I like to make quilts for teens and this one isn't quite long enough for a teen, but it's too big for a baby.

This weekend, I got a second top together, this time in red.

This one is rectangular and perfect size for a teenage boy.

My Bernina is down right now as Sydney paints the cabinet.  So, I just keep piecing.  And, piecing.

Sydney does have a job.  She starts her training this week.  Boy it was HARD to let her be an adult and just move forward without us getting involved.  She couldn't answer our questions about the interview process, and we just had to sit back and let her learn.  But, it all turned out good in the end.  There was an actual process that she was part of, she just couldn't explain it to us. 

Anyway, she has some training videos to watch and after that, she can contact them to find out her hours.  We are pretty excited.  We did have her call back just to let them know that after school started, she could only work weekends and make sure that was going to be okay and was worth it for her to continue the process.

We are all excited.  And, we are anxious about the change.  It's one of those be careful what you wish for situations. 

Yesterday, we had to take her for slacks to work in.  In the checkout line, we talked about how this experience was so much easier than the first year we tried to buy a bathing suit.

Holy COW!

Everybody have a great Monday.  Lane


lw said...

The quilts both look great. I had to blow them up to see the details, I love the scrappy fabrics.

I hate bathing suit shopping.

Becky said...

Beautiful Sydney is growing up so fast! You and Rob are doing a great job raising her to be a responsible human being. Sometimes it may not seem that way, but you are doing admirably!!

Love you!