Small changes

Make big differences. 

Small things are happening.  I'm finally getting a new boss.  That's good.  He seems like a nice guy.  Nothing official has been said and he hasn't reached out.  I know it was very tentative at one time, maybe that didn't work out.  Maybe I'll get a surprise. 

It's good to be old enough not to worry about stuff like this.  I just keep going to the office and doing my work.  That certainly feels like the right choice here.

Its been harder to blog because I'm trying to get to the office earlier.  I keep telling Sydney, never miss a chance to appear to be a go-getter!

Sydney might have a job.  She was told to come to work.  But, she didn't have an interview.  She went for an interview and what she gave us was a really lame excuse for why they didn't interview her.  They don't know anything about what she has to offer, like she can only really work weekdays for four more weeks.  And, she doesn't know anything about them, like what shift they expect her to work, how much they pay, whether they pay while she is in training... you get the picture.

Rob and I really had a hard time with that.  You can imagine.  And, we have struggled with how to tell her this is a bad idea, without taking over and doing it for her.  So, last night, I told her a story. 

Many years ago, before I moved to Austin, I lived in Houston for a short time.  I looked for a job for a long time.  Things were rough in the economy then.  I finally found a job.  I was so excited.  I went to the interview, and accepted the job, but later, when I was telling people, it turned out7 I didn't really know much about the job after all.  On my first day, I drove halfway across Houston in eight o'clock traffic to get there.  And, when I did, it turned out that the job was selling encyclopedias door to door, in office buildings.

She got it immediately and gave me a funny look, but I kept going.

Right.  People in office buildings are working.  They don't have time to buy encyclopedias.  That means I'd be trying to sell to the business.  But, how many businesses need encyclopedias?

And, predictably, she said "I don't think they want me to sell encyclopedias."

She had walked right into my trap.

"They might, for all you know about this job.  You should call them back and ask more questions."

And, I walked to the kitchen and kept cooking.

With a huge smile on my face.  You win some, you lose some. 

I'm still hand quilting.  But, nothing seems ready to show off right now.  I didn't do a very good job of picking an area and finishing everything in it.  So, I have one corner where all the centers are done, and another corner where the sashing is done.  It's my erratic mind.  But, in time of change, nothing is quite as relaxing as hand quilting. 

It's too slow to be stressed.  And, mistakes pick out with ease, although with a heavy heart... because it goes in so slow.  The relaxation of aiming the needle, then stacking stitches on it and the sound of a fresh piece of waxed thread pulling through the fabric.  Everything else slows down a bit to keep pace with the hand quilting. 

That's a very nice change.

Everybody have a great Wednesday.  Lane

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lw said...

If a company is offering a job to a girl they didn't bother to interview, I'd run in the other direction because something is seriously off.

You've inspired me to try hand quilting again, it's more fun than I remembered.