A lovely wedding gift

Rob and I received a lovely wedding gift this weekend.  A friend from the guild and the bee I was in made us a quilt to commemorate our special wedding day on July 4.

She used photos from the day in front of the capital, tiered like a wedding cake on a red, white and blue background.  She appliqued our names at the top and the date at the bottom.

She said that a card commemorating our day "wouldn't be good enough for that special day!" 

Thanks so much L.  It's lovely and we will hang it to commemorate our special day.  Thanks so much for thinking of us in such a creative way!

Married life is a change.  I know it shouldn't be.  But, it is.  And, for Rob and I, it's been a positive change.  A very positive change.  But, it's work.  Hard work.  Last night, Sydney and I were doing dishes and she said something along the lines of I don't get it.  You two got married and suddenly got closer.  You're spending all this time locked in your room laughing.  And, my response was that she was so lucky that her parents found a second wind in their relationship and chose to be closer rather than drift apart.  And, if she wasn't sure about how cool that was, she could ask her friends.

Of course, her typical teenage response was that her friends with divorced parents say it's really easy to play them against one another and get whatever they want.

But, I could tell, she knows it's special.  I can tell that she has an appreciation for watching us interact and watching us get closer. 

Everybody have a great Wednesday. 



Lakegaldonna said...

What a wonderful gift to the two of you!
So glad you two are making the time to be closer, a new breath!
Have a great Wednesday.

lw said...

I love the wedding cake quilt! It's beautiful. And the conversation with Sydney, that was beautiful, too. I agree with you, being happily married is really hard work. But the benefits make all of it worthwhile. If she sees what it takes to be happy, and what it's worth, she'll be able to make herself a happy life and happy marriage, too.

Anonymous said...

And it probably makes her feel safer and when she sees happiness in marriage, she can see that maybe someday that will be her too. Growing up a child of divorce does not make a child feel safe. So, good job, guys! and many more years of happiness!!

Lyn said...

Love the wedding cake quilt! What a great gift to remember such a special day. Totally agree with lw's comments. So good to see you happy!

liz said...

Congratulations on your marriage! May you be blessed with many happy decades together! TFS!