The flag

The day we got married the first time (really, how many people get to say that...) Rob bought a rainbow flag to fly in front of the house to celebrate.  I tell the story here

The short version is that when he went to pick up the flag, the city wanted it to fly over city hall.  And, he gave it to them and they flew it for weeks after, to commemorate the special day in Austin.  He bought a smaller version that we flew in front of the house.

Rob had given up on ever seeing the original flag.  It had been a while and the guy said he would try to get it back to us.  But people get busy. 

It came in the mail yesterday. 

The flag.  Pictures of it flying.  And, a letter from the man at the city. 

We are seeing it as an affirmation of our marriage that the universe saw fit to send this flag back to us.  (course, all the kissing and hugging ain't hurting that affirmation any, either.)

We haven't even had a chance to fly it yet.  But, you can bet it will be in front of our house, soon. 

Everybody have a great day. 

We woke to no water pressure and a ten inch jet of water shooting out of the curb, in front of the next door neighbor's house.  Yay, us!  Very early showers that took forever to rinse off the soap.  But, we are clean...now they can turn the water off if they want.



Lakegaldonna said...

Glad your flag was returned to you guys.
A little good circular karma for a Wednesday.

Mari said...

Lane, I'm so glad you got it back! Great news. And a great picture, too. Have a great day!

lw said...

You can add the photo to your wedding album! I'm so glad the flag came back.

Anonymous said...

when you hang the new flag, why not hang the American flag also. Only in America could you have the freedoms that we all enjoy. lum