A definite sweatshop

I spent a shameful amount of time in the sewing studio this weekend.  But, in the end, I managed to make a bedspread and two shams and to clean out the neighbor's flowerbed and go to brunch with new friends.  So, I guess I managed to squeeze in a lot, considering it was just two days.

But, I didn't scrub the shower.  And, I'm okay with that. 

I'm not going to start with the before picture.  I'll show it, but not first.  And, I don't have pics of anything else to show first, so we're going with the new bedspread and shams.  Stipes.  I love a good stripe.  And, you can barely see my seams.  I'm really happy with it. 


The next thing to change is the headboard.  Solid Khaki.  And, then a new bed skirt.  Probably olive green.  And, we have new art to frame.  And, Mabel's chair is getting a new quilt.  She needs something that can be washed very frequently. 

We definitely got our money out of the things I made in 1999 when I bought the house.  Several dogs and a couple of cats lived on this bed in that time.  And, it wasn't too bad...

But, I'm sure not going to miss it.  That's a long time to live with the same thing.  A LOOOOOOOONG time.  The old one is going to be a picnic blanket.  Or a drop cloth for paint.

Rob and I spent a couple hours cleaning out the neighbors flowerbed on Saturday.  I needed to get away from the sewing machine.  We didn't clean out that bed last year.  I was a little upset that her grandson lives there...and I'm cutting stuff back in the flowerbed.  But, this year, I realized I took this bed on because the neighbor enjoys it and we enjoy it and it makes everyone smile.  But, honestly, after a full year of wild, drought tolerant growth, it looked rough when I got through with it.  I just have to keep in mind how nice it will look in spring. 

And, really, my own beds look almost as bad, all cut back and bare.  But, cleaned up and ready for spring. 

We had lunch with neighbors today.  It was so nice.  Just two couples, sitting and talking.  They are parents, too, so that gave us a LOT to talk about.  Rob and I are both enjoying getting out.  Joining in with people again.  We've always had a good life.  Now we have a better life.  Friends are important. 

Everybody have a great Monday.  Lane

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lw said...

Well, the bedspread looks perfect. And I actually kind of like it with the old headboard, though I know it might drive someone else crazy.

I remember one of my friends at Boeing in the late 90's, saying that he was having nightmares that his computer was replaced by a sewing machine. Of course, it was after several rounds of layoffs and of course the workload hadn't changed, and we were all putting in really long hours...