In a sewing mood

I hope the new year has found you happy and peaceful.  We had a wonderful time.  Rob and I even stayed up til 11.  AND, we opened one of those 15 year old bottles of champagne that I've kept in the fridge, taking up valuable space.  Even it was good.  Syd got her first taste of champagne.  I don't think she liked it. 

I got really motivated to sew.  And, sew I did...and I'm not done yet. 

Remember I was going to cut out a shirt?

It's the nicest shirt I ever made.  I was just in the zone and things came out just right and I wrote down instructions for next time.  This pattern fits really well.  It's a tissue paper tracing, so I'm not sure if I made adjustments or not.  Sometimes I used to do that just to keep from cutting the pattern, which was all about not wanting to pick a size, so I traced the size I wanted, preserving the original.  Weird, huh?

And, I pulled out a sweater I had knit more than 9 years ago (don't know when, but Syd had never seen it) and I finished it.  All I had to do was put the sleeves in and add the buttons.  The placket was even already there.  It's made of that Sugar n Cream cotton yarn that you make dishcloths out of...for some reason, I considered cotton yarn hard to obtain...but it made a really nice sweater.  Not too heavy, not too light.  It still needs blocking.  And, if you look real close, you'll see that the only button I put in the right place was at the bottom hem.  Last night, after this picture was taken, I cut all the rest off and put them in the right places.  We are not going to talk about what I must have been thinking when I did that the first time. 

Last Thursday, I got the borders on the show quilt.  It doesn't have a name yet.  I'll have to think about that.  It's ready to baste and quilt.  It's 37" square, and if I remember correctly, there are five thousand pieces in it.  Half in the center star and the rest in what I built around it.  The center is Marsha McCloskey's Star Spangled Banner block, made in half size.  It includes the black set ins that make it a square.  Everything else is my own design, with inspiration from Sally Collins. 

And, if you remember, I made a little quilt for a friend (At the bottom of this post).  After that project started, I changed the color scheme, so I had all these sections left over, and some leftover squares.  I set them aside in the sewing room because I wanted to make something for me.  And, on Saturday, I did.  It took most of the day.  It's an original pattern and for me, that means lots of sewing and ripping out and putting together again.  I'm not real good at pre-planning.  I'm more of a make a mistake and take it apart and try again kind of guy.  In every aspect of my life.  Anyway, it ended up very nice and bright, which was a nice change after all the muted colors I'd been working with. 

Next project?  A bedspread as part of a bedroom refresh.  I made the bedspread and dust ruffle (I think that has a new name now) and upholstered the headboard in the bedroom when I moved into the house more than 15 years ago.  And, we need a refresh.  Not trying to change the color scheme, just add some new linens and some fresh fabrics.  And some paint.  But, that's all.  I promise.  Sort of.

Everybody have a great Monday!  It's a guild night.  The presenters are talking about red and white quilts.  I have a special interest in that.  See ya'!



lw said...

Great show and tell! The shirt sure looks good on you. The mini quilt is looking good. Wish you were here to help with the paper piecing I'm working on.

Pam said...

Gorgeous shirt and sweater -- good for you for getting your sewing mojo on! I look forward to new posts!

Carla said...

A man of many talents. He quilts, makes shirts and knits. I like the shirt and sweater but I really like the quilts.
Great job! You were on a roll.