Hand quilting is so relaxing.  I really can sit at the frame until my fingers hurt.  I have a good quilter's callous going on.  And, the inside of my good hand quilting thimble is rusted and needs to be cleaned and have nail polish painted inside.  But, who can stop quilting long enough for that?

This is exactly how this quilt is left most days, scissors, hemostat needle puller, thimble, and the needle in the fabric. 

This is the last border of this queen sized quilt to finish.  And, I'm feeling a little nostalgic.  You know how it is when you really want something, in this case, to have this quilt finished, and yet you still want the experience of finishing it to go on.  Anyway, just because I have it all quilted doesn't mean it's finished.  There is rework to do. 

This is a finished corner. 

But, that's cool too.  The rework is minimal and the show I plan to enter it in isn't until September.  So, it should all be good.  I went back and read Elsie Campbell's book Winning Stitches this week at lunch hours.  It's always good for me to go back and study during a project.  I'm proud to say that I hit all the things Elsie covers.  My stitches are a little bigger than I wish. Yes, I can hit 12 per inch.  But, I also hit 10 per inch.  And, sometimes 8 per inch.  I know judges look at that closely, but I'm hoping the number of stitches also counts for something and make those small sections where my stitches are larger less significant.  Elsie stresses that the back needs to show the stitches as clearly as the front, so I've looked at the back and am feeling pretty proud of that, too.  I'm not planning to pull and replace stitches because of their size. 

But, I did some echo work around those Dresden plates.  I don't know what I must have been thinking.  But, there's like three different approaches taken...like, one line of echo, 1/4" out.  Then, another one with two lines, 1/8" apart.  And, another that's got a 1/8" echo and a 1/4" echo.  That's gotta be fixed.  Looks like it was quilted by many quilters.  Which, I've gotta say, is a great look.  It really makes this quilt look a little more period to the fabrics used in the plates, the 50's; like it was quilted at a bee or something.  But, it's not good for a show piece. 

I'm very happy to report that Sydney remains rational.  And, adult.  And, I'm not getting it.  The only thing I can accredit it to is her seeing us change over the last few months.  The biggest change is that she is taking responsibility for her own actions.  Well, that, and we aren't taking responsibility for her actions.  So, it's not us saying she can't do something because of her grades.  It's her knowing she can't do it because of her grades without us having to say anything.  Small shift, but a necessary one...and honestly, one I wasn't sure she'd ever take.  I am so hopeful that it is permanent...because our home is a much more peaceful place.  And, taking responsibility on a consistent basis is one of the hardest things ever and one constant characteristic of people that are both happy and successful. 

Everybody have a great Friday.  It's been a very long and stressful week at the office.  Everybody trying to do that thing they should have done last year and didn't get to.  Except I got to all my things and don't quite understand why I'm having to help all these other losers out...

just kidding.  I don't think of them as losers. 

Or at least I won't anymore by February.



Suzanne said...

Ha! You really have me chuckling with your comment about your coworkers who don't seem to have taken responsibility for their actions, in contrast to Sydney who has really picked up her game! Good on you and your husband for having stuck with all those hard parts of parenting for so many years (you know, the whole being consistent thing is exhausting at times!). Have a great weekend!

Kath said...

I have enjoyed seeing your quilt coming along. I am wondering about something you said, why nail polish painted inside your thimble?

quiltfool said...

Hey Kath. Nail polish goes on in a thin coat. So it won't affect the inside dimensions of the thimble much. And it dries very hard, so it will last a long time. And it will prevent the cheap metal from further rust. I could spray it inside with polyurethane. I've done that before and it works well. But I'm kind of enjoying the thought of having a thimble with a fun color inside it for a change.


lw said...

I just love this quilt. I think the echo around the edges of the Dresden plate really makes it more complete.

I'm glad to hear that Sydney is taking responsibility for her actions; you're right, this is the biggest indicator that she is now able to build an independent, happy life. There's nothing more wonderful that seeing your child turn into a thoughtful, responsible adult, right in front of your eyes.