Life's little surprises

I've been trying to figure out what to do next.  I'm making a bedspread.  I've spent a few days serging and ironing 8 yards of fabric.  I want long periods of time to work on it in a stretch before I move to the next steps.  And, I'm a little intimidated by the sheer volume of fabric.  So, I was looking for something to keep my hands busy. 

I've been thinking that I need to clear out some fabric and turn it into quilts...quilts get stored someplace else and the sewing studio needs space. 

I had this little collection of fabrics that Rob gave me when we got together.  It was just as he was learning about quilting and we were starting our quilting journey together...yes, my hubs is a big part of my quilting.  He is my color guy.  And, he has stopped me from making more mistakes than I can count by starting a sentence with "well, if I was a judge..."  And, he could be a judge.  He has a better eye than most quilters I know.  But he will NOT pick up a needle.  Oh, well.  I sew while he mows.  It all works out and my job is less sweaty.

Anyway, I reminded him of the fabrics and when he bought them.  Showed him a couple easy patterns at bedtime.  And, he said "double wedding ring" and my eyes went round and my mouth fell open in surprise.  I smiled and closed the book and focused on TV. 

But, I started thinking...long term plan...real long term...red background with neutral and tan rings.  We've had the night to think about it, and we both still like it.  So, that might be a future project for me.  A surprising twist on an old pattern. And, I'll use these fabrics for something easier. 

But, honestly, I shouldn't even be considering cutting fabric, unless that fabric is going to be a quilt back.  I need to quilt the tops I already have. 

This morning, I stacked those fabrics back up.  I'm not putting them away because I really would like to turn them into something.  But, I turned to a quilting project. 

Sorry about the shadow.  Anyway, I decided to start this.  Simple.  Easy.  Quick to quilt.  I had a strip of brown fabric 15x42.  The quilt is 20x20.  I opened the diagonal quilt backing calculator...and it said I needed two yards of backing fabric.  I was surprised. 

I'll be using something else.  I had something else planned already and forgot about it.  So, it all worked out in the end. 

Sydney has suddenly become very rational; holding these very adult conversations.  And, actually being pleasant.  Wat up wit dat?  Our breakfast conversations have totally changed.  And, I've stopped wondering how long I could lock her in her room.  Is this real progress?  Real change? 

I'm suspicious.  I can't help it.  But, I'm also not dumb enough to look this gift horse in the mouth.  I'll enjoy it, for no other reason than to show her what it could be like all the time. 

Y'all wish me luck this weekend with the bedspread.  I'm going to need enough patience to be able to walk away when the going gets tough.  Because that's when I do my best problem solving.  (I do not solve problems by continuing to grind through the same solution over and over again, trying to make it work...remember that Lane!  The old way just leaves more threads to pick out.)  Goal for the weekend is bedspread and start two pillow shams.  But, first, I have a big pile of crap that's built up on every surface.  And, I'm going to need every surface to accommodate 8 yards of fabric.  How did I do this in 2000 with that lousy plastic Singer machine that bounced the dining table if you made it go too fast and made a birdsnest of bobbin thread about every 2 feet.  When I made the old bedspread, I was "intrepid".  Had no concept that I might not succeed.  Now, I've tasted failure in large bedding.  And, I am intimidated.

Be well my friends.  I hope life throws you a few surprises. 

They're good for us!  Keep us on our toes.



Anonymous said...

From experience -- if there is a pattern to your fabric, match "good enough" or it will drive you nuts every stinking time you look at it. Also, pin baste and make sure you have the sections of fabric all going the same direction. Ripping seams in a bedspread is not fun.

And consider starting with the shams. Prop them on the bed. They will give you a very good taste of what it will be and get you going.


lw said...

I actually have an easier time with king and queen sized quilts than I do with wall hangings. I guess I need to take the tiny quilt precision class. I like Nena's idea of starting with the shams, that definitely would get you going and allow you to focus your direction for the bedspread.

DeAnna S said...

I generally get answers to my sewing problems as I'm laying in bed falling asleep or during the night while in a sound sleep. They just pop into my head. I've been known to also pop out of bed at all hours during the night to test the answer. Enjoy these times with Sydney. Don't wonder why, just...enjoy.