It's a big day!

Not just a novel day.  But, a big day. 

The mayor has asked as many people as possible to work from home because there are four huge events in town this weekend in a city that already has serious traffic problems. 

Overbook much?

I don't think we will be out in it much.  But, I can't work from home today.

You remember I was applying for a job the other day.  Didn't work out.  But, it was big news in my department for the way it went down.  But, it left me shining like a new penny.  And, it got me some attention from higher up the chain.  And, that got me a couple very high profile projects that could help me accomplish everything I was trying to accomplish by applying for that job. 

That'd work. 

First project is a presentation to all the people at my job level, countrywide.  Big opportunity to shine.  And, I have so far, taking the project and running with it in ways my boss's boss had not previously considered.  He was impressed. 

After a recent re-org, I'm the only person in my region in my work group in the Austin office.  We've decided to change my title to president of the central region based in the Austin office. 

Hey, there is no competition.

Remember the red and white raffle quilt I worked on for guild?  It won a first place ribbon in the Dallas Quilt Show.

Woo-hoo!!!  "and I helped!"

We've had some serious weather.  NOTHING like Louisiana, but lots of rain and thunder.  But, remember that I fed the other day in anticipation of this rain and things are bursting!

I love spring!

Still making wedding ring blocks.  Plan is to wash the Dresden Plate this weekend.  It needs to air dry.  Oops, just remembered I need a sleeve on that.  Yay, tonight's project. The pillow needs binding.  And the star quilt isn't pin basted.  I guess I will never ever run out of things to do.

Everybody have a great Friday.  We are having dinner with new friends tomorrow night.  Life is full.  And, yes, my introverted side kicks in every so often and I have a small panic attack.  Then I lift my chin up and keep moving.  I am a ship, cutting through the obstacles of life, headed to a destination.



Becky said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Of course that beautiful quilt is a blue ribbon winner!!!! Your work continues to be stellar! Quilt on!
Have a good weekend!
Love, Becky

Laura said...

Congratulations on your quilt!

Your garden is beautiful. I enjoy seeing flowers, even pictures of them, this time of year.

lw said...

The red and white quilt is spectacular, no wonder it won.

Your garden is so green and pretty! Things are looking up here-- my daffodils are about to open, and a volunteer crocus came up two days ago.

Carla said...

KUDOS! TO YOU ON THE ribbon and the job.

Life is good. with a few bumps along the way of course. LOl

Barb H said...

Congratulations on your success on the job! Well Done! As well, too, for the blue ribbon quilt! Before you know it, Lane, you'll be a nationally known blue ribbon quilter! (If you aren't already, I mean. lol) Don't ever let the introvert part of you take over again--you've changed so much over the years I've been reading your blog. Life seems to be so much fuller for you now than even 5 years ago. Savor every moment!

Anonymous said...

Lovely green garden!!! That is the only thing about Texas that I miss. Not the heat though, I like it cool.

JustGail said...

Great news on the job!
The guild quilt is sweeet, I love the variation in the outsided star centers, and that center start is gorgeous.
We're just starting to have a few things green up, I envy your garden. But I do NOT envy your summers.

Unknown said...

WONDERFUL news about the job.

Have you read the book "Quiet"? About introverts. Well worth the read.