New beginnings

Beginnings are wonderful. 

Yesterday, Sydney started a new job.  She walked up to the restaurant last week while she was on spring break and submitted her application.  Friday, they called for an interview.  Saturday, we took her for an interview while we went shopping.  We picked her up.  And, she said "I have a job and I start tomorrow.  And, I need black pants and a dark polo."

So, we had lunch and went shopping again.  Found them.  Pretty quick.  But dark work pants are hard to find in spring. 

We let her pick dinner because we don't know how long it will be before she has a Saturday nite off again.  And, we watched a movie.  Yesterday, we dropped her off and she worked a full 8 hours.  Somebody quit yesterday, so she's also working tonight.  But, the manager was very clear that normally her hours would be on weekends because he values education so highly. 

This was the very first place we suggested she apply.  First, it's close enough to walk if she needs to.  And, the food is good.  And, the place is clean and decent.  And, we really think that man and his wife will teach her about work.  We prepared her.  We sent her out into the world.  Now, let the village teach her a few things. 

She must have done pretty well because he bought her lunch and he normally doesn't give tips to new employees, but he gave her a share of the tips they brought in.  I was surprised last night, but I intend to talk about the importance of those two things. 

She was a tired puppy after being on her feet all day. 

Rob and I did spring cleaning in our bedroom.  We did everything but dust the ceiling.  And, we would have done that except I forgot until he was putting the room back together and that wasn't the right time. 

I worked in the yard a little, but only a little.  We had rain last week, so I had to be careful walking around.  I love gardening!  And, I can see the bloom starting to form.

It was chilly and windy yesterday, so I stayed inside and made a batch of jelly. 

I showed that picture to a friend and he said I must have been Martha Stewart in a past life. 

And, I got the star quilt pin basted.  I'm going to need more thread.  I'm going to need a tan/beige/gold-ish colored thread.  Wish me luck.  I'm thinking about mailing a piece of fabric to a quilter that sells silk thread and ask her to match it for me to her supply and I'll buy whatever matches closest.  She's a small business and I don't think she will mind doing that for me. 

Okay, that's enough for today.  I am suddenly running behind.  How did that happen. I only stopped to look at a pattern for a second.  Good grief!

Time flies when you're having fun.

Have a great Monday!  Lane


Becky said...

Hooray for Sydney! She'll do great. Have a wonderful week!
Love, Becky

Vesuviusmama said...

Congrats to Sydney! How exciting/scary all at once!

lw said...

Restaurant work is directly proportional to the quality of the food: the better the food, the better the job. I'm proud of her for getting herself a good job!

Kate said...

I firmly believe that every young person should spend some time doing a minimum wage job, like waitress, cleaning, or construction. Only when they know how it feels to work so hard and make so little will they truly value an education. And, then they will always value the people who do those jobs ... a former waitress always tips better ! There's a book called "Nickled and Dimed: Getting By in America" that chronicles life on minimum wage - pretty eye opening .... if she ever balks at college, get her to read it... ((ok, I confess I am an educator by trade - can you tell?)) you are doing so great with her... my goodness , will she be a senior next year? time flies..........

Kath said...

Well done Miss Sydney, you are off to a great start. I waited tables many years ago and it took me several days for my feet to toughen up, so you did very well.
My son waited too and it was wonderful experience of dealing with people and working as part of a team.

Anonymous said...

Sydney, we are so proud for you and of you. Never waited tables, but it is a necessary job. The more you smile, better the tips. Lane & Rob are teaching you the best. So proud of both of them. Lane is your jelly mayhaw? Have juice in freezer and trees are blooming. Should be a good crop. Want a crab apple tree.

Carla said...

Congrats to Sydney! I love it when they come home from work and go to bed early because they're tired. Now they now how we feel when we go to work every day. If you get real energetic you can come clean my room. LOL oh and bring a jar of jelly.
Have an awesome day