Just like it's s'posed to

I love it when something comes out just like it's supposed to.  There's just that thrill of accomplishment.  I'm a firm believer that most UFO's are caused by things not turning out like we envisioned them...so we stop.  Give up.  Let it sit.  I like to take other people's UFO's and finish them, and I can because I don't have the vision of it they started with.  I have the vision I developed based on where they stopped.  Not that I want everyone to stop and send a box of UFO's my way.  I get plenty. 

But, this post is about a project that came out just like I thought it might. 

It's tight, it's firm and it's rounded.  It's quilted to the edge. 

It has a cute, matchy back.

And, the binding stands out from the edge and doesn't lay against the pillow.  To make that happen, I clamped that binding along the edge with my hemostats and pulled the binding toward me, sewing it down along the pillow's seams.  I finished the pillow like a quilt, sewing the binding to the front, then sewing the pillow back to three sides of the quilt.  I made and inserted the pillow form and sewed the fourth side closed.  Then, I sewed the folded edge of the binding to the pillow backing along the seam line. 

It's beautiful!

I'll donate it in a few weeks.  It will either be in the show's silent auction or boutique.

On a side note, I gotta compliment my good man...again.  Y'all ever get tired of me doing that?  I hope not. 

He has another friend passing from pancreatic cancer.  He got to see her not long ago.  She has maybe a week left.  She doesn't want visitors.  He sent her two of the most beautiful texts yesterday, never shying away from what is happening to her.  Wishing her well and peace and promising to remember her.  It made me cry so I can only imagine what it did for her. 

I hugged him and told him he's a very good man.  And, the universe sent me to tell him that.

Everybody have a great Wednesday. 

I'm off to make more melons for our wedding quilt.



Elle said...

Yes, your man is a keeper--as are you! Pillow is beautiful too.

lw said...

I never thought about it that way, but you're right about UFOs-- if the project doesn't match the vision, it does tend to stump me.

The pillow turned out great, though I think I'd snatch it out from under people saying, "don't sit on that, it's the good one!"

I think you both are keepers-- and I'm really glad neither of you shy away from the truth. Nearly everyone does, and so real comfort is hard to come by when a person is dying. I'm glad Rob is able to be there for his friend.

bradcarter345@gmail.com said...
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Vesuviusmama said...

Lovely pillow, and lovely man!