Halfway to a quilt

Friday night, I put the last stitches in the last Dresden Plate block.  Saturday morning, I washed them in Oxyclean.  They lay in the floor and dried, then I ironed them nice and flat and as square as I could. 

And, then I trimmed those several odd shapes into exact 15" squares. 

These blocks had been ironed and ironed and stretched and the shapes were out of shape.  And, the brown printed quilting lines didn't wash out.  I needed to consider all those imperfections as I tried to trim them.  Then, it was done and very quickly, they were sashed and bordered and we were half way to a very nice quilt.

I love the soft, buttery yellow sashing.  But am a little disappointed that I have a second yellow Dresden Plate quilt.  Oh, well.  Couldn't be helped.  But, these were the only two fabrics I could find in two quilt shops that were the right shade, that played well with the blocks and that fit the period I think they are from.  The blue border is daisies, which imitate the shape of the Plates and they have the right yellow centers and echo the darker blue from the blocks.   

You might have to blow up that last pic to see the printed quilting lines.  They're faint.  But, they're there.  And, there's still some staining in a few blocks.  I suspect these things will take time to wash out.  And, if they don't, they'll become part of the charm of the quilt.  When I showed these imperfections to Rob, he asked me how I was going to handle that and we looked at one another and simultaneously said, "Quilt the crap out of it", because we both know how many imperfections a little over-quilting can hide. 

I was hoping I wouldn't have to sash the quilt.  But, because the backgrounds were distorted when I appliqued the Plates to them, there are variations in how close the plate is to the edge of the square.  Some are 1 1/2" from the edge and some are almost 2"  That's because, when I trimmed the blocks, I measured from center of the green circle, not center of the applique.  That was one of those design decisions that quilters make.  Was it right?  I don't know.  But, it was how I chose to handle the imperfections.  I guess I've remade enough pieces to have learned to expect those imperfections.  The question is whether I let them stop me or not. 

I have another UFO that was started by this same quilter that I have my eyes on.  I stumbled up on it the other day when I was looking for some blocks.  I didn't even let myself take them out of the bag because I don't want to get distracted.  But, I saw them and remembered them and am anxious to get to them. I'm very much in the mood to finish things that are started.  Next up is these four blocks, left over from a quilt shop BOM that I didn't finish.  I only got four made, then dropped out.  There were problems.  Anyway, now these four are going to be a new valance in the sewing studio, soon as I get them quilted. 

I've been commissioned to make a block for my folks.  Their church does a raffle quilt every year and next year, my Mom wants to have a signature block in the quilt.  She asked me to make their block.  I have these two. 

I haven't decided yet.  I might even make a third one before I choose.  Rob might be willing to wrestle my Mom for that one on the left.  Or, I might have to make him one.  He really liked it.  I found the block online when I searched for blocks with a religious theme.  That one is called Joseph's Coat and I saw it first in one color, like the one I did, except it was blue.  But, I'd like to make another one in multiple colors, like Joseph's coat.  The one on the right is a paper pieced block that I drafted.  It's an interpretation of a cross and a crown, tho I'm not sure how successful I was. 

Either one would be nice.  Or, something else. 

Everybody have a great Monday.  The start to a new week.  A week full of possibilities and opportunities.  Rob and I spent a good bit of yesterday cleaning house.  The weather is cooling off a bit and we can open the house for a few hours, once in a while.  The house has been sealed up tight all summer, and it's nice to open it up and clean out the dusty corners.  I accidentally turned the TV to DIY TV the other day and it's made me ready to work around the house. 

Painting anyone?



lw said...

The sashing and border bring out the best in your blocks, I don't think you could have made a better choice.

Anonymous said...

either one will be fine. It is not a raffle quilt, but one that will celebrate the 150 anniversary of the church.lum

Carla said...

I love the color of your sashing and borders for your dresden quilt. It makes the colors pop. I mean if it needs a home I'll send you my address. lol