I wish it was one of my favorite things

I don't hate applique.  I do it.  And, I enjoy it.  But, when I'm looking at patterns, I no longer gravitate to the applique patterns.  They're beautiful.  But, they're a commitment. 

When I pulled this quilt out of the UFO pile to finish, the plan was just to finish the one block that was unfinished, sew them together, and turn it into a quilt.  But, then I decided to take it all the way apart and start over. 

I can't complain about the time commitment on this one.  I'm nearly done and have only been at it for three weeks.  But, I will be glad when it is done.  And, I'll let what I've learned on this project guide how I finish another applique project that was much more of a commitment and that I've worked on, off and on, for many years.  In that project, I've drawn the shape on the applique fabric and positioned it and needle turned it.  On this project, I've had the shape on the background and laid the fabric over it and needle turned it along the lines.  I think I like that better. 

I think some people would object to me re-making this project.  It's feedback I've gotten before.  There are quilters that feel that UFOs should be left unfinished.

My feeling about UFO's is that at some point, that UFO was created because it didn't meet a design plan as it developed and all a UFO needs is a fresh set of eyes that doesn't know the original design plan to turn it into something wonderful.  And, while I don't plan to leave any UFOs (ha!), I do hope someone will finish them and that the fabrics won't just rot away, partially finished and sad. 

As for my own UFOs, I let them sit until I forget the original design plan.  And, then I often try them again. 

I love fabric and I love sewing and I hope someone just like me ends up with all my stuff.  Actually, I guess I have so much stuff that I hope several someones just like me end up with all my stuff. 

And, I hope they enjoy it, whether it's a sewing machine I've rebuilt or a project I've started, or just a stack of olive green fabrics to turn into something beautiful...and don't say olive green isn't beautiful just because you remember it from the 70's.

Oh, and an update on clothes shopping with Syd.  We had asked her the week before if she needed clothes and she said no.  But, after seeing what she bought, I think she went to college and decided maybe her high school shorts/t-shirt attire wasn't what made her comfortable anymore.  That girl is growing up right in front of my eyes. 

Everybody have a great Thursday.  Lane


Gisela Suski said...

Our church does charity quilts and last week our church received a donation from an estate. Young woman died of cancer and she left her fabric and her 3 machines to us. I am so proud and honor to be using her Kenmore machines. I talk to her when I am sewing.

lw said...

I think it's a waste if UFOs are left unfinished.

My sea monster quilt uses olive green and Civil War fabrics along with the sea monsters. Sometimes a quiet toned fabric is what you need to set off everything else.

I love the idea of Sydney deciding she needs a new wardrobe for school. She's really growing into herself!

Becky said...

Well, I have a kabillion UFO's and I don't agree with the criticism...they need to be finished. I am in the process of getting two UFO's longarmed and I can't wait to have them complete. Now to try to find the gumption to grab out another UFO and tackle it. Usually I make a mistake, and I am so mad at myself, I bag it up and throw it in a storage tub. I don't have the energy to face fixing it. I'm hoping that getting these two quilt tops out of the pile will blow open the logjam of my quilting and get me started!

I so enjoy hearing about Sydney maturing into such a beautiful, fine young lady!! You and Rob have done such a great job loving her!

Speaking of love...I love you, too!!

Barb H said...

Why the "heck" would someone think that another person's UFOs should be left unfinished? I've never heard of such a thing. Fabric is fabric and should be used for the service and enjoyment of others. Doesn't matter if the original project was left undone. In fact, I wouldn't care if somebody took apart one of my finished quilts and remade it into something more pleasing. I tell you what (that's the Texas talk I learned from Hank Hill), some people are very narrow thinkers.

Donna T said...

My husband never complains about how much fabric or quilting related supplies I buy but he believes I should finish what I start! I agree or it is a waste of time and money. I may leave a project for a while but come back to it later!

Love hearing about Sydney! College is definetely different than high school! It was not as cliquish back when I was in college! Hope it has changed! Glad she is making the effort!

greg @ grey dogwood studio said...

With the UFOs, I think it's important to do whatever makes YOU happy. I have various things that I haven't completed, too. Sometimes I decide that I really dislike the fabric or the construction and it's completely ok to abandon them forever (why sew something that makes me miserable?!). But other times, I set things aside but still love them and have every intention of finishing them. Lately I've been quietly appliqueing centers onto Dresden blocks that I haven't touched in two years! Remember that those quilty police aren't peeking into our cardboard boxes and storage bins!

Michelle said...

I'm with you. UFOs should be finished. I hope any of my unfinished projects go to someone who will finish and love them. I don't usually comment, but I enjoy your blog. Your quilting hints and tutorials are very helpful. Thanks for sharing this bit of yourself.

Carla said...

I do hope to finish my ufo's because I know no one in my family will finish them. Applique is definitely not my cup of tea. I'm working on a center block for my Round Robin and it's applique. What was I thinking?