The long weekend

Well, I didn't get out of Daddy/daughter day.  When I got completely ready to go and she was ready to go, I asked what her plans for the day were, and she said "shopping?"  And, I said, oh, you're going shopping too?  and she said "with you?"  and I said oh, you hadn't asked if you could go with me. 

She must have wanted to go pretty bad because she didn't dilly or dally before she asked. 

I'm liking this.  I made her come back to the car and thank me for a ride to work yesterday.  She's starting to take it more lightly and we can do this with smiles on our faces now.  Almost a game, but a game she's a good sport at. 

I've been working on the Dresden Plate blocks.  One of the things we did on Friday was buy sashing for that.  When I asked if she wanted to go to a couple shops, she said she'd go anywhere, she was so glad to be out of the house.  Eight blocks are finished and number nine has the machine work done and the hand work started.  I took the last three apart last night, getting ready to re-make them. 

And, I took a short pause to play with that kit that I bought a few days ago.  Nine 3.5" blocks.

I'm playing with a little color balance and have remade some blocks.  I remade the bears paw block but forgot the strips that subdivide it, so I'm not sure which one I like better.  The new one looks more like a star block.  But a weird one. 

Yesterday, I moved everything around in the sewing studio.  What was on the left is now on the right.  All for a better view of the TV.  Remember that Rob came home with a new TV not long ago and yesterday, he played one of my favorite shows and I realized, I couldn't watch it and sew.  So, I fixed that.  The TV hangs from the wall in the upper left of the picture below.   

Anyway, I thought I'd show it to you before I, like, live in it and muck it all up.

Even a nice place to sit for some hand work. 

And, the last thing for today is an afghan I finished last night. 

I have almost used up all the yarn in the bin.  There are two red, white and blue afghans worth of yarn left.  And, I might just take it to Linus and donate it with several finished afghans.  The brown yarn in this one came from my Mom and the green yarn was a sweater until a few weeks ago.  It was one of the first things I knitted.  I was sooooo proud of it.  I wore it to a work function.  And, when I saw it out of the studio and in the real world, it was hideous.  I might have worn it once or twice more. 

And, I became a better knitter and can wear my work now.  And, that old sweater is a Linus afghan.  A good end. 

Enjoy your Monday or your Labor Day, whichever you're celebrating.  I'm going to be enjoying my clean sewing space.  Lane

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lw said...

Glad you and Sydney got to go shopping.

Of the two blocks, I like the bear paw better. I think the scale is better for the layout.

I just cleaned my sewing room and then haven't had time to sew. Go figure.