Daddy/daughter day

I'm pretty sure we're going to have a daddy/daughter day around here today.  I have the day off.  So does she.  She said she needed to go clothes shopping last night.  She hasn't asked me to take her yet, so I still might get out of it.  But I'm sure she will.

I took the day because I've started taking the first Friday of the month as a "me" day.  Something I can look forward to.  So it is actually kind of a big deal for her to ask me to do something for her.  But, I don't mind too much.  She's not the type to want to shop all day.  A couple or three stops should do it.  And, I have a few chores.  And, I plan to do some relaxing quilting.  Because that's what first Fridays are for. 

But, first, I need some kind of a plan.  Or, I'll end up spinning in circles and not making measurable progress on anything.  I've been looking for more information about that kit and I'm inspired to sew!!  Thankfully I haven't spent any more money. 

And, even Rob made a comment last night about needing to finish some of what I have going on. 

Everybody have a great Friday!  Wish me luck.  Lane


lw said...

Wish I could go with you, I need to update my business attire before I go back to work next month, and I hate shopping alone.

Hope your quilting is productive.

Donna T said...

Taking the first Friday off for a "me" day sounds wonderful! Hope you had a productive day and some quality time with your daughter! Have a great long weekend!

The Joyful Quilter said...

The way I figure it, all of those UFOs and that fabric stash in my studio... that's my retirement fund. I wouldn't want to "spend" it all before I retire. Regarding Rob's comment, my DH knows better than to comment about my unfinished projects, as his are also present AND have as much or MORE money tied up in them!!

Kath said...

I hope you and Miss Sydney had an enjoyable day. I must have heard what Rob said said, all the way across the ocean, as I am suddenly keen to finish my UFO's.

Carla said...

That's nice that you can do that and take the first Friday off for yourself.