Oh, that's why I set that aside

In spring, my mind turns to flowers and growing things.  And, my quilting turns to my Simply Delicious quilt from Piece O' Cake Designs.  Sometimes you have to just accept that a UFO is  a UFO.  And, it's going to stay that way for a while.  I have a red, white and blue quilt that is the same way and that I work on every June and July. 

I started this applique project about a hundred and twelve years ago.  I have 9 blocks made.  You can see, they're beautiful blocks in a fruit theme.  And, I really do enjoy it.  And, then I burn myself out on applique and I put it aside.  And, then it's spring and out it comes again. 

I last stopped on this block.  It's the black currants.  And, they're frustrating because a lot of the fabrics are homespun and I have trouble needle turning that loose weave the way I like.  And, I wasn't enjoying my method.  I prepped my pieces, and I traced my pattern onto a piece of transparent plastic (shower curtain).  When I wanted to place a piece, I'd lay the plastic over the background, position the piece and then sew it down.  But, I was having trouble with accuracy.  The plastic had registration marks, but I still managed to get it off center (mostly from being wrinkled up) and then I was moving stuff around to try to make it fit.  The other night, I just drew it on the background...I sure hope that frixion pen comes out.   

I also spent an inordinate amount of time quilting straight lines.  Holy Moly!  I've done the echo work on three sides...just one more short side to go!  Woo-hoo!  Then, there will be some mistakes to try to fix, but I can see the end.  And, none too soon because I'm ready to quilt something else. 

And, I made the last block in Barbara Brackman's Westering Women quilt.  I laid the 11 I had out the other day to see if I needed the block to accomplish anything...and what it needed was a light shaded block.  A light shaded one will give me a nice balance of dark and light blocks across the quilt. 

That didn't leave much time for cleaning out cabinets (thank goodness!) but I did manage to get to the one under the kitchen sink.  We aren't dirty people.  We just have dirty garbage.  And, now we have a nice clean spot to store the trash bin.  Fresh shelf liner and everything.  And, no I'm not going to show a picture of it...we don't know one another THAT well.  One more cabinet to go.  I wasn't ready for it this weekend, but soon. 

And, I worked in the garden.  cutting back and moving things around for this year.  Every year, the garden changes just a little bit.  Things move to better spots.  Things that aren't working get removed.  Some Iris that weren't getting enough sun got exchanged with some fountain grass that could really stand to do a little less well.  And, a twelve foot tall lugustrum that I grew from seed got cut to the ground.  They're invasive here and this one started as a volunteer seedling that a bird dropped into a pot.  And, within a few years, it was the size of a small tree and casting shade in one of my few sunny spots.  I can do better things with that spot. 

Everybody have a great Monday.  It's back to work for me.  Hi-ho and whatever. 

One of the campuses where Syd has classes scheduled is closed due to storm damage.  They're not sure when it will open so they're offering them the choice to do online study or enroll for the same classes at another campus. 

Not sure my girl has the self discipline for online study.  I've done that.  And, you have to be very disciplined.  We will see what she can make happen.  She's meeting her counselor today to figure it out.  Fingers crossed. 



Mari said...

My grandmother's applique quilts have traces of pencil and pen from where she drew on the backgrounds and it didn't wash out, and I've seen some Amish quilts around here with the pencil markings for quilting designs. I'm envying you the time in the garden! And here's hoping Sydney gets into another class!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Good luck with the online class thing!! Neither of my boys had the self-discipline to sustain such a venture.