Read the directions...twice!

I needed to make two BOMs this weekend.  I only made one.  But, I made it twice...does that count?

I'm making the Constellations BOM from the Academic Quilter.  Here's a link to the first block.

I made the block and it was fun!  And, then I read all that she had to say about it and I started thinking about how this was going to work since I had just used all my background. 

So, I went back and read the original announcement and realized I needed a nice big piece of background. We made a trip to JoAnn's to see if I could get more of what I started with, but alas, wasn't happening.  So, I bought something different and came home and laundered it and remade the block. 

I am victorious.  And, the second block came out even better than the first one.  I pressed the seams open on the second one and it really made a difference. 

I did other quilty things too.  Things I'll blog about another day.

And, I finished filling that box I'm taking to the free table at guild and I emptied, wiped out and refilled the pantry.  Part of my effort to do some work on every cabinet this year.  Clean them out.  Purge.  Organize.  How many years will I try that one? 

At least I start with a new cabinet every year, so eventually, I'll get to them all, right? 

But just a few a year isn't anything to brag about, so I'm hoping a little public challenge will help.  Feel free to ask me what I got rid of after any weekend.  If I didn't get rid of anything...well, at least I probably won't lie. 


Have a great Monday!  Lane


Donna said...

Great colors and quilt block!!!!

Gisela Suski said...

Love, love the colors. I am purging this week, it feels so good but I was getting stressed in the beginning because there was so much to do.

Becky said...

Love the block...both versions!! haha

I am still doing some "organizing" a little each day. I have mountains remaining, but I have to start somewhere, I guess!

I hope your week is peaceful and rewarding!
Love, Becky

Mari said...

Great-looking block! I'm jealous of your perfect seams on the back of that block!

Suzie Simpson said...

I'm not a quilter, so I can't comment on that except I thought both squares were pretty and very nicely done. However, I AM with you on that cabinet cleaning thing this year! I promised my dear sweet husband I'd clean out, toss, and reorganize ALL the closets, AND cabinets, AND pantries in our house....THIS YEAR! Well, we'll see. Seems like for the past three years I've promised the same thing. (Me and my big mouth.). But, being the optimistic person that I am, 2017 just may be my year!! Good luck to both of us!!

Anonymous said...

Great minds must run alike!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sat. I cleaned out a drawer--Hurray- Found in that drawer some of your first blogs that I had printed. One especially written about your Dad. Didn't throw much away, but we were so happy to find and re-read that blog. You do write beautifully. Maybe you should try a book. The quilt square is very pretty. lum

Jocelyn Thurston said...

Hi Lane, those blocks are stunning aren't they? Something about the purple shades that makes them shine. Good on you to do some cleaning out and sorting. It always gives satisfaction.

Danice said...

Both blocks are so pretty. Hey, I made that mistake nearly myself, about the background fabric. Mine came from Joann's also. In fact, think we chose the very same fabric, lol.