We worked until we couldn't move anymore

It as one of those kinds of weekends.  Rob was working on the house, repairing a bit of rotten siding.  He managed to hurt his knee.  But, the repair looks fantastic!! 

I continued the cleaning.  I got to that last kitchen cabinet yesterday, and that let me pick up all those leftover things that were sitting here and there because their old place got something else in it and their new place hadn't opened up yet. 

I got the last of the quilting done on the Dresden Plate quilt.  Now, I need to bind it.  But, that deserves it's own post. 

First thing I did on  Saturday was make the Winter Mittens block from the Sew Fresh Quilts Have a Jolly Little Christmas BOM.  Another fun block!  I'm looking forward to the rest of the quilt.  I suspect she has started us off easy to get us in the swing of it.  There are some much more complicated looking blocks coming up. 

Part of my cleaning was to set up these two pegboards.  This one is in the sewing room.  It has all smaller and specialty rulers in it.  I have a small cutting space set up in the sewing studio for trimming and the like.  

I keep all my serious rulers with my big cutting table and big ironing board in the garage and I set up this board for the things I use out there. 

That's where I ironed three yards of red fabric and cut it into 4.5" squares so I could turn these 144 four patches into my next leader/ender.  With everything organized, it didn't take any time at all.  The four patches have every color so I needed to set them with something that would make them sparkle.  I tried a light fabric, but the red really did it for me.  
And, in the evenings, watching TV, I finished the applique on this Black Currants block for the Simply Delicious applique quilt. 

Next up is the cantaloupe. 

I didn't set that one up yet.  I decided this week's hand work needed to be sewing down the binding on a Linus quilt.  But, soon!  This is number 11 of 12 and it looks pretty easy (unlike the sweet pea block I saved for last).  And, I sure would like to finish this quilt in my lifetime. 

Everybody have a great Monday.  Mondays can go either way.  They often set the tone for the whole week.  But, I'm going into it very relaxed and feeling a great sense of accomplishment.  By 9:30, I expect to be wishing I was back in the studio, needle in hand. 




Becky said...

I love your small pegboard!!!! Did you paint the flowers on it? I have one in my pitiful sewing spot, and maybe if I painted something on it I might get a kick out of it! I have had to hit pause in my sewing room to make a prayer shawl for a dear, dear friend of mine who is beginning chemo treatments. I am knitting as fast as I can, and I picked a simple 3K 3P pattern, so it shouldn't be too long of a break.
Have a wonderful week!!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Love your applique. Thanks for sharing. Mary

Danice said...

More pretty quilt blocks. I am so far behind (already) on the Sew Fresh Quilts blocks...The pegboard and other organization looks very efficient. 'Hope Rob's knee is well soon :)