three for three

Hey, all.  Happy Monday...if there is such a thing.  Personally, I could use some more weekend. 

Saturday was the quilt show.  Rob did a video, and here's a link.  It's about 15 minutes of beautiful quilts.  The venue looks empty but that's just because of when we were there.  The show is about 45 minutes from home and I have to pick up my quilts at the end, so we had to go to the show late.  It picked up again about the time they hung ribbons. 

This was our favorite quilt.  Rob got a much better view.  Beautiful applique!!



Here are my ribbons. 

First place for the two Dresden Plates.

And, second place for this one.  It's a good thing I got this pic because that ribbon didn't get home with us. 

I cannot believe they gave me a second place ribbon.  The nerve!!

Actually, I was cool with it.  This is the quilt that beat me. 

I loved this little quilt and was glad to see it get first place. 

It was one of the few chances to get a full picture of this quilt.  There were two ladies standing in front of it talking about the quilt and speaking of me by name.  So, I walked up and stuck my hand out and introduced myself.  They were surprised. 

This quilt was phenomenal.  It was hand applique and hand quilted.  And, she stippled it...by hand!!  I sure was glad she entered in applique and not hand quilting because she would have gotten my blue ribbon.  And, rightly so!

And, I loved the pattern of this one.  The pattern intrigued me, but so did the variety of color and fabric.  Things I would not have thought to put together, and they worked here. 

It was a very full weekend.  We got to see our friend LD and take her to dinner and to the show.  Always a delight to see LD!  That pastel Dresden Plate quilt came through her, so she was excited to see it win a ribbon. 

More later about my other weekend projects.  I certainly had fun and got a lot accomplished.  But, I could use today to rest. 

Everybody enjoy Monday.  Lane


PattiLynn said...

Congrats Lane! Well deserved winner!

Donna said...

Congratulations! Your quilts are beautiful!!!!

Laurel said...

Wonderful, so happy to see your beautiful work be recognised. :)

Mari said...

Congratulations Lane! Your quilts deserved it!

Kay said...

Congratulations, Lane! Your quilts look fabulous!
Thank Rob for taking me to the show. I really enjoyed the video.

Anonymous said...

Oh We've been waiting for this post. Congratulations! Thanks Rob for the video.

Ginney Camden said...

Congratulations on the well deserved ribbons!

The Joyful Quilter said...

It's fun to be "a fly on the wall" at a quilt show, isn't it?! Congrats on your wins!!

Megan said...

Well done Lane. I'm surprised that your small quilt 'only' won second prize - it is quite phenomenal. But very pleasing that your extraordinary skill and application of time and effort were acknowledged by awarding of prizes to all three of your quilts.

Sydney, Australia

Sharlene said...

Well deserved wins! Congrats and I hope you take time to celebrate with a nice dinner or some other treat for yourself.