Oh, Christmas Quilt; Oh, Christmas quilt...

How lovely is thy sashing....

It's beginning to look a lot like a Christmas quilt, Ev'ry where you look...

Can I make one more?

Rudolph the Red Nosed Christmas quilt, Had some very shi-ney beads...

Okay, now that's out of my system.

The Christmas quilt is finished! Almost a year in the making. If you weren't with me when I started this, I had done very little applique work. My mentor bought this quilt as a kit and hers is very lovely. So lovely that Rob fell in love with it and asked me to make one too. So, in the heat of the summer, I taught myself to applique, bending over a hot iron and starching edges under. I appliqued them with a blind stitch and invisible thread and blanket stitched over that. There's not a lot of quilting. Just outlining and the occassional curlique and a couple of fun things.

This is top left. See the ornaments quilted in the dark green strip? The black on the face and the shirt are beads.

Middle-left. Here the black dots are french knots.

And Bottom-left.

Top right.

There are buttons on the wheels and one of the gifts and bells on the tree for ornaments.

Love the headless snowman and the sleeping Santa. And, the infamous nutcracker. I spent several days trying to do teeth and finally gave up and just did a solid fabric.

The border has a string of cmas lights, right down to the male and female plugs.

On my ebay purchase, tried contacting the seller again. No response. I did find them on ebay yesterday selling fabric under a different identity, but with the identical ad, except they removed the email address. If I haven't heard by tonight, I'll just post truthfully that the fabrics advertised were not the fabrics shipped. If it happens, it will be the first time I've ever had to leave anything but glowing feedback on ebay. I layed the fabrics out the other day after I posted and if I change the order and take one out, they might make an okay log cabin...I mean for a gift or something. Not everybody would even notice, huh?
Take care and have a great Friday. I hope to make significant progress on Sydney's quilt this weekend. With the shopping over, I'm really hoping for lots of free time. Lane


Becky said...

Oh Lane, it is so beautiful!!! What a wonderful quilt. It just takes my breath away. I am sure that Rob appreciates the hours it took to make it so special!

Hazel said...

You did a wonderful job ,Rob will love it .

Piece by Piece said...

All the time you put into this quilt has been worth it, you did a wonderful job. Rob will love it for sure. Patricia

My name is Riet said...

What a beautiful quilt Lane. All my compliments . Rob will love it

lesthook said...

What a great quilt!

marlene@ByTheSeam said...

Glad you got it done. It looks great!

Sunshine said...

Hi Lane,

thanks for stopping by my blog!

Leah's site is awesome, isn't it?

I just checked out your blog and wow! you do nice quilting. I'm awed by the whole cloth quilt - haven't tried one of those... Do you know Diane Gaudynski's blog? (http://dianegaudynsky.blogspot.com/) She does work like that, and some of her quilts look so delicious with their 3-dimensionality.

I really liked doing a different free-motion design on each block in the 9-patch - it kept boredom away, even on a small quilt like that.

While writing my reply, I noticed that I can't actually send the reply because you're set to "noreply-comment". If you're interested in changing that, you can find instructions here: http://filmandthread.wordpress.com/2009/10/28/how-to-fix-blogger-no-reply-comments-for-wordpress-users/ (it works for blogger users just the same :)


viridian said...

Lane, where do you find the time? The details on this quilt are so wonderful.

Shirley said...

Your quilt is amazing! Can I have the name of the pattern? Mine wouldn't turn out as well as yours but it's just so cute! I love the snowman too. Sorry about your eBay purchase. It happens. I've been lucky so far except for a box of fabric that I bought a few years ago. It really wasn't worth what I paid for it although there were some cute pillow panels in it I was able to use. I just bought a scarf advertised as a hand made silk scarf. I didn't expect it to be silk since I only paid $5 for it. But I also didn't expect to find a factory label on it that said 100% polyester. I gave them negative feedback. I probably paid $4 too much for it but that's not too bad a loss.

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

Wow, what a great quilt! so many wonderful details.

Elizabeth said...

Love your funny Christmas quilting carols.

I'm so impressed -- you did needle turn AND a blanket stitch over top. WOW! I'm feeling a bit inadequate in my appliqué. If I do needle turn, I don't to the blanket stitch, and if I do blanket stitch, it means raw edge (done with fusible web).

This quilt is really, really cute. I love the Nutcracker and all the fun Santas and the silly snowmen. Your quilting is so nice. You always do such a beautiful job. Glad I could take a stroll back along Lane's Quilting Memory Lane to see this one.

xo -El