Sydney's quilt

Remember about a week ago, I decided to make a quilt for Sydney. What I was thinking I do not know. But, I was at least smart enough to pick something simple since I was on such a short deadline. This is the top before I put about 300 safety pins in it. It's about 85"x85"; plenty big enough for a bedspread on a queen sized bed. It took one Moda Layer Cake and the dark from a set of Charm Squares plus 4 blocks from my stash. The border and back fabric is my first time to try the 110" wide backing fabric. I like it! No seams up the back!

I'll mix the light charm squares with some darks from my stash and some leftover border fabric for pillow shams and I have some eyelet that I got from someone for a dust ruffle. A new set of curtains and her room will have a full face lift. I'll probably use more of the backing for that. It is very price conservative as I'll only need to buy the width of the window, not the length.
Last night I started teaching myself to make free motion, free-hand feathers. I made a muslin with 20 squares on it. I attempted feathers 20 times and still was not liking it. I switched thread colors and started putting new feathers in over the first set and by about number 24 I was pretty happy with the shape of them. Now, I'll have to start working on how to make them fill the space. Oh, well. Always something new to learn. That's one thing I love about quilting.
And, I finished my cmas shopping. We all went together and we shopped until I could hardly move. By the end of Saturday, I was one store short of being done and we went there before the grocery yesterday. Now, I have all that wrapping and shipping, but at least the shopping is done. The weather was so cold and nasty that we hardly waited in line anywhere and when the weather got pretty and the lines started to form, we were ready to go home. And, I can rest knowing that Mastercard will have a very nice holiday!
Y'all have a great Monday. Stay warm (or cool!) and I'll be keeping up with you in blogland. Lane


Coloradolady said...

How wonderful you are finished with your shopping...I wish I was. I love Sydney's quit, the colors are very pretty...you have a real eye for color combination! I can not wait to see a pic when it is quilted with the shams....I have to ship some things this week too...once I get them wrapped....I am not looking forward to that part! Have a great day!

My name is Riet said...

That is a lovely quilt Lane. She will be very happy with it.

Vesuviusmama said...

I, too, am a fan of the 110" backings - as a hand quilter, having seams to go through on both the front and the back is murder! Great quilt - you'll get it done, especially since your shopping is done. Good for you!