Power to the People!!

One of my NY resolutions was to finish projects. I've just about got the last sleeve on the living room quilts and have the finish dates on them so I can make labels and get them on. But, what am I going to work on next??? I haven't been able to decide. It's between these two tops.

First is a modified log cabin quilt. I have a great half-feather quilting plan for it. The "fronds" will only be on one side of the stem, but because the stem will curve, the fronds will alternate sides of the stem to fill in the space. The stems will follow the square shape of the strips.

Or, it will be this storm at sea quilt. This is mostly a brown and green quilt, not the traditional blue and white of a storm at sea quilt. One of the brown fabrics has touches of yellow, blue and pink, so I added blocks in those colors to keep the eye moving. It isn't assembled, so I'll probably move some blocks around to spread the brights a little more evenly. Here's the inspiration for how I plan to quilt it. My blocks are a little smaller, so I might not be able to include all the details this quilter did, but, mine will be close. (pay no attention to the knucklehead with the crazy smile in this picture. She is a camera hog)
So, what do you guys think? Which one do you think I should tackle next?

My other resolutions? They're progressing nicely. I didn't lose any weight this week, but I did move enough belly around to get me into another pair of jeans, and I'm calling that a win. I can see where the weight went...my upper arms and shoulders look FANTASTIC!
And, for spending more time with the family and out of the sewing room, between helping with homework and supper and sitting in the family room hand sewing, the only alone time I'm getting is washing dishes and there's something VERY WRONG with that. But, it is what it is, I guess and I don't really mind washing dishes. After all these labels are done, I'm going to try to finish an afghan that I started last year for Project Linus, so there's another family room project already lined up.
Next stop today? I'm headed over to Leah Day's blog. She's running a big sale on the tools she uses to get that fabulous quilting - and there's free shipping this weekend! You know, da man loves his tools, right?
Take care and have a great day. It's friday and we're having a quick supper so I can participate in the Friday night sew along. Lane


Becky said...

I'm a big fan of Storm at Sea....but also love the colors of the Log Cabin.....so I see this as a win-win.....either you choose I will be anxious to see! I've never seen a cuter camera hog in my life!! :)

Piece by Piece said...

The Log Cabin gets my vote.


DeAnna said...

I'm wanting to tackle a storm at sea this year! It has my vote. I'll be at the sew-in also. Have a great time!

Sunshine said...

It's the log cabin for me, I like the overlapping arrangement of the blogs...

Did you find lots of treasures at Leah's?


Snooze said...

Definitely the storm at sea ... especially if it comes with a cute knucklehead! LOL

KK said...

Hi Lane...I'm really lovin the log cabin one. Those colors are fabulous. The knucklehead is a doll and she looks so happy. KK