Nursing wisdom

The nurses reminded us of some things today.

First, Linda does not know if we are there.

And Linda was a very proud lady who would not want to be seen in her present condition.

And we said that when we got to this point, it would be time to stop visiting.

And when we visit, we wake her and there is pain.

And that Linda gained 13 pounds in hospice care. That must be unheard of and when hospice asked how, they were told that anything she mentioned eating showed up within 24 hours, no matter how hard to find.

And when the weekend staff asked why it sounded like there was a party going on in room 307, the weekday staff said ‘because there’s been a grand going away party happening in room 307 for the last 7 weeks.”

And that we did a good job.

We were there when we could make a difference. And now that we can’t, it’s time to leave the work to the professionals.

We’ve done the party. Now we’re standing on the dock, waiting for the ship to sail.

Bon voyage my dear friend.  May angels bless and keep you til your next mornings light.

And when you get to the other side, get a big place because we’re coming to stay with you. And we’re bringing all your stuff back to you.

We’re out of space.


Kathleen said...

well done. You fulfilled the highest and deepest meaning of the simple word Friend.

Patricia said...

Lane, your words indicate Linda is going to be leaving you soon, so sorry.
Hope all of the visiting and good times you have had with her will comfort you in the coming days.

Patricia (former blogger PO designs)

Denise in PA said...

Beautifully written. Sending blessings to Linda and to you all.

Elle said...

So much wisdom--and love--here--

Becky said...

God bless you!! My prayer is that she goes quickly, easily and painlessly.

Love you,

Rebecca Grace said...

We were doing the "grand going-away party" for my dad a couple of years ago, too. He wanted an ice cream party with his grandsons, and we sang all his favorite hymns, and they watched Star Wars movies on the hospital TV. And I tried so hard to smile and look happy all the while my heart was breaking in slow-motion, crack by crack as the hours and minutes ticked by. It's hard to lose someone suddenly, and it's hard to lose them with advance notice and Sad Party Time, too. You have done all that you could, and Linda has been surrounded with love in her last days. That is all any of us can hope for at the end of our days. Hugs, love, and prayers for comfort for all of you.

Unknown said...

I truly believe you helped live even longer than expected. You are such a great friend and I wonder if her son can have the same memories. Also my deepest sympathy.

Sharon in HOT Colorado

P.S. Enjoy the blog very much.

Joyce said...

Isn't it wonderful that her food delights were heard? I am so sorry that your friend is transiting but you made the time lots more comfortable and "fun". I want fun, noise and ice cream in my last days. Bless all your hearts.

Mari said...

I hope I still have friends like you when it's my turn. Do the hospice staff know to call you, and will they? Many times they will only call families. Peace to all of you.

Anonymous said...

Blessings to you and Rob, you are friends in the truest meaning of the word. Do hope that Linda passes peacefully to her reward.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Nurses are smart people. Find comfort in the fact that you and Rob did right by Linda.

Dot said...

Sometimes, there is heaven on earth. For a long time, not just these past 7 weeks, with your friendship, you gave Linda a taste of heaven on earth.

After sharing all that love, saying goodbye is terribly hard. Peace be with you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lane, Rob and Sidney ........may God bless you for what you’ve done and watch over you in the upcoming days. Your strength will come and give you the ability to help each . Thank you for sharing. Mary

Sue said...

You are all the best friends anyone could ever ask for. Ever.

GCamden said...

What a beautiful post. You two have been wonderful friends to Linda.

Fan of Chet said...

I love that you and Rob do the Right Thing simply because it is the right thing. As my mom would hve said....bless your hearts.

Anonymous said...

Are you okay? Mary