That man is quilting again...

Wow, that was a long dry spell.  It took a change of project to get me "kickstarted".  The project I was working on was all precision and straight lines and it wasn't working for me.  So, I put that project away and pulled out something looser and more free flowing.  As I said to Rob, something I can really pour some emotion into.  I'm not getting good pictures, but I've stitched around the arrangement and started to fill in the hexagons.  The green hexies are leaves, and the colored are flowers, so I added the concept of leaves and flowers to them, just in case anybody was missing the general idea.  The background will be filled with ferns that I started practicing on Saturday.

I learned recently that one way to reduce puckers in the back is more pins.  So, I'm pinning more densely now.  And, it was true.  I have not had a pucker since I started.  But, I might need more pins to do a large quilt. 

I think Rob was ready for me to start quilting.  He'd mentioned it a couple times and the other day, he watched me for a bit, I think.  He said he could tell I was enjoying myself. 
I did get my yard work done on Saturday morning, a lot of it anyway, but it's never all done, right?  I cut off dead flower heads that hadn't dropped and pulled dead leaves and watered and watered and watered and planted some things that had found their forever homes.  I generally will put pots in the garden to make sure the plant is going to like the spot, and if it thrives, then I can put it in the ground with some confidence.  I repotted a large oakleaf hydrangea that's found a spot it likes, but where there isn't space yet, so it has to stay in its pot for a while longer.  Maybe a similar space will open up, or maybe something will die off and make a space where it is.   
After working in the yard, we went to the nursing home on Saturday.  She was in good spirits and happy.  Then, they changed her and it all went downhill after that.  She was in terrible pain and they were treating it as fast as they could.  But, it took time and while she doesn't remember it, sitting there and holding her hand and stroking her hair and crying with her while we waited are things Rob and I will not be able to forget, no matter how hard we try.  Yesterday was better, but her medication is still lagging slightly behind the pain level.  By now, the weekday staff that really knows Linda is getting to work, and they'll get her taken care of quickly.  Quality of life is truly about pain management. 
I wish I had taken pictures of my garden this weekend to post here.  The heat has really taken a toll, but even in the hardest part of year to garden, there is still bloom.  There are still flowers and butterflies and birds.  And, life continues, season to season.
Have a great week!  Hug a loved one.  Work on something you're passionate about. 


Dot said...

You'd think that quilting petals and leaves in the hexies would be in-your-face, too obvious effort. But it is charming. I tried to remember what the original arrangement looked like before your improved in and really can't remember. Now it looks naturally flowing. And your quilting is like seasoning the soup so it sings.

I pay close attention to your family's attention to Linda. "Quality of life is truly about pain management." That's another bit of wisdom I've tucked away. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Such vibrant hexies ! Rob is really in tune to you, isn't he. Give him a hug from all of us. Make some lemonade, sit outside in the shade, enjoy your garden. It's going to be a great day. Mary

Anonymous said...

A good week-end. The quilt is coming along. If I were near enough I would get you more pins. I agree with the lady above, have a lemonade and sit outside in the shade and enjoy what you have made. lum

The Joyful Quilter said...

Sorry, Lane. There are thinks that we just can't un-see. No matter how much we want to!! Fortunately, as time passes, the memories of the things we wish we hadn't seen diminish. Hang in there with the peace of knowing that you are a true friend!