Big changes continue

Life is full of changes, but sometimes, they seem to come faster and harder than others.  I guess it's really about how I handle those changes and whether I can accept them or fight against them.  But, while I decide, I'll sew. 

Now the guild's raffle quilt is handed over to the quilter, I can work on my own stuff.  First thing I did was start these.  These are the last 6 large arcs for my big paper pieced project.  I didn't quite get them finished, but so far there are 162 pieces of fabric attached and 24 pieces left to add.  I think I have about 10 small arcs and then I can start to worry about the border, which is pieced basically the same way.  Except I don't have to do that border, if I don't want to.  I could do some applique, or something else to show off my skills.  Who knows.  But, I am going to at least try the border from the pattern to see how it goes.  When I started this quilt and had two years to finish it, that border was no problem.  Now, I'm only a year away and that border looks more daunting.

As I was working on those, I was using this as a leader/ender project.  It's going to all be stars, in a random looking layout that won't actually be random at all.  That one will take a while to do as a leader/ender, but that's fine and I'm looking forward to it. 

I also made this.  It attaches to Bella's leash and holds three plastic produce bags to pick up poo.  I also attached the flashlight because sometimes she poos in a dark spot and I can't see it to pick it up and have a problem reaching down and picking at random stuff in a dark spot on an empty street.  She's gotten so excited about walking every morning now.  Yesterday, when Rob was harnessing his dog, Bella jumped down and started circling, sniffed at her leash, definitely excited.  I was still stretching and Rob got ready to go and Bella walked right out the door, between the cars and was headed to the sidewalk, no leash, just little dog, head up and going for a walk.  Even though she's been in our house all her life, she's not used to being around us or getting attention from us.  When Syd wasn't here, Bella kept to herself and waited.  Now Syd's gone, Bella's starting to enjoy Rob and me.  We've treated her like a rescue and let her get used to us and come to us when she wants attention.  And, it's worked well so far.  When she wants me, she comes and climbs up on me and gets in my face until I scratch her belly.  And, when she's done, she goes off and lays down somewhere.

I finished the quilt shop ornament and started the Christmas tree. 

These are fun and cute and mostly easy, tho the quilt shop took quite a bit of time.  I'm enjoying them, but also looking forward to my next hand work project, whatever that turns out to be.  I found so much yarn in Syd's room that I might just start a Linus afghan. 

This was the "deal" of the weekend.  We found this Seth Thomas mantle clock in Goodwill for $15.  Rob kinda fell in love and he knows how I feel about clocks, so we made sure it had the key and the pendulum weight and took a chance.  I brought it home and took the face off and oiled it and wound it and tinkered with it a bit and it's ticking away.  It's running 5 minutes fast, but that will be easy to adjust.  Now, if we can just find a place to keep it.  I turned the chime around so it doesn't chime.  It had a bell, like a hotel desk bell, and that was the most annoying ting, ting, ting of a chime, so I turned it around and now the clacker just sways without making noise. 

When Syd moved out, she took everything but a large pile of junk she didn't want.  Of course, I found treasures, like the Indian maiden costume I made her and her science projects and her school pride t-shirts.  I dumped out a box full of Barbie clothes to pick out the paper and garbage and buttons and found myself sitting there, untangling the Velcro knots and closing all the clothes so they wouldn't stick to one another again.  It was a very sappy, sentimental moment in two days otherwise spent trying to find that damn smell and get rid of it.  I succeeded.  But, it took one day in the bathroom and one in the bedroom and a LOT of water and several tools, both manual and electric.  Then, Rob and I sat down and decided how we want to use the room and from there, what we wanted to do in the rest of the house as far as redecorating.  Now, it's just picking paint chips.  And, that could take a month or more.  Then, I will move some of the large furniture that's been in my studio into that room, making room to turn my studio into a real studio instead of a cramped tiny space my sewing machines sit in.  I have big plans! 

Everybody have a great week!  I'm headed back into the chaos.  I checked my emails.  It's gonna be a hella Monday after two days off.



Michelle H said...

The quilt shop is so cute! Love it. Now I'm a clock girl too...and at $15 you got a deal!!!

Our daughter (she has 2 Mommas) is all grown, but will forever be our baby has fallen in love with a wonderful man and is planning on the big move in together with our Grandbaby. I'm thrilled beyond words she has found this love (what more could we ask for?) but.... The move would be a few hours drive for us and we normally have the Grandbaby every other weekend.

Well....I'm going through both their things and my heart aches. I love the privacy, and would probably have a little fit is she ever moved home lol, but there is something final about letting go of you baby into the world.

Anonymous said...

Your embroidery is perfect. You must have good eyes. Thanks for sharing. Mary

The Joyful Quilter said...

Best of luck on your studio overhaul, Lane!!

Queen of Scraps said...

Your quilt with the arcs is absolutely stunning. Your use of color amazes me. I can't wait to see how it goes together. I've never seen a quilt with pieces shaped quite like yours.
Really enjoy your blog every week. Thanks for taking the time to write.

Carla said...

Those arcs are awesome. Can't wait to see the finished product. Loved your embroidery blocks.
Have a great week.

Dot said...

I hope your Monday went well.

Good luck dealing with your changes. That's not my strength, so I have no pithy advice. It does seem that you are already working your way, positively, through to the next stage.

Those paper pieced arcs are amazing. Your colors are vibrant and all thosse points to place neatly next to the block seam simply fill me with awe. Those will be curved seams to boot. Again, just amazing.