The first Monday of December

 I can hardly believe we are this close to the holidays and the new year.  I went to Michael's for an in-store pickup and couldn't believe the crowd.  I looked around and thought 'don't you people have television?  do you know what news is?'  That made my decision about Christmas shopping.  If it can't come in the mail or curbside, cash will do...not just to protect myself but to protect all those people having to work in the stores.  As a society, are we really so into 'gotta have more stuff' that it's worth risking lives for?  And, then I turn on the news and realize that half the country is easily fooled and doesn't care about anybody but themselves.  All I can do is be a better man.

And, as a better man, I stayed home and worked on the Maple Leaf quilt.  I got it laid out...that took hours and two of us looking at it to try to get all the leaves pointing in different directions and the illusion of leaves falling.  The quilt is assembled from left to right, but not from top to bottom.  I'll need to press the seams in opposite directions before I can start doing that.  And, we still don't have border fabric.  But, all happens as it's supposed to happen, right?  This quilt is made almost completely out of the scrap bin.  I hardly needed to cut into my batik stash to create the leaves.  

Remember that I was holding off until new fabric arrived  in case it was a little different color.  The color was spot on, but the fabric density was different.  I run into this all the time with JoAnn's fabric.  I was able to show it to Rob not long ago when we found two bolts of a fabric, but they were from different runs, so one was a nice heavy quilting cotton.  One wasn't much thicker than gauze.  They do the first print on a nice fabric, then they do additional runs of popular prints on a much lighter weight fabric.  You can't really see it above, but if you look from the side, you can see that some of the plain squares are twice as dense as others.  It won't show when it's all on a lighter colored batting, but while it's on this tan carpet, you can see it.  Such a disappointment, and more reason to buy from a reputable quilt shop that focuses on quilting cottons.  (that and the fact I can never predict how much anything will cost in JoAnn's anymore...such a disappointment at the register.)

I spent most of Saturday getting the greenhouse ready.  We had our first freeze warning last week and I dragged everything I could in here and just piled it in, but I couldn't have gotten in to water anything, so I took it all out, cleaned up a bit and then moved it back in, taking advantage of all the shelving and space that was available.  And, when I was done, I gave it all a good watering to make sure I could get to every pot.  Now they're snug as can be and ready for cold weather.  Next week, I'll set up the portable greenhouse and get the larger plants moved into it.  

Rob finished out outdoor decorations this weekend.  Frosty has been freed from captivity in the garage and has a place in the front flowerbed.  

And, the blue lights are on the outside of the house.  The blue lights go great with the gray paint.  

Speaking of new paint, our contract with the contractor officially ended last week.  The door and window company chose not to honor the warranty on the doors in our bedroom and offered him his money back to go buy doors elsewhere...real reputable company there, right?  They delivered a set of doors that was 3/4 the size of our current doors.  I smiled at the delivery guys and told them not to leave them here.  Since the contractor didn't have to pay for the original set of doors, neither did we.  While we were not willing to add a sweep to the door to fix the small flaw when we were paying for the doors, we found ourselves willing to add a sweep when the doors were free.  We're funny like that.  

I'm starting to think that I'm the last person still baking bread.  Everybody was doing it when lockdown started.  I'm fine being the last person.  That thick warm chunk of bread I cut off the loaf last night and smeared with peach preserves was so worth it.  Two loaves is enough for 2-3 weeks and that seems worth it, especially since the Kitchenaid does all the hard work.  All I have is a little hand kneading at the end to bring it all together.  I also made cornbread and a big pot of vegetable beef soup yesterday.  Tis the soup season.  

Rob's dog hurt her back last week.  She had a very expensive visit to the vet where we found out she has arthritis all along her spine, so we're being very careful with her now.  She's finally starting to get back to her old self.  She laid on a blanket in our bedroom for almost a week.  

I didn't realize when I took this picture that she was licking her nose.  Is that the equivalent of catching someone with their eyes closed?

Everybody have a great week.  Stay home.  Wear a mask when you have to go out.  Find ways to connect that don't include face to face contact.  We can do this.  Be well.  Lane


Anonymous said...

Oh, poor doggie......is he on medication? For life? I know what you mean about the texture of same print fabric. Love the Christmas lights..
..and the bread.....and the quilt....thanks for sharing. Mary

Crew at Cabin Central said...

Hi Lane, love the falling leaves pattern!! It is going to turn out to be a beautiful quilt. Deb

Gretchen Weaver said...

Love falling leaves, so beautiful! You aren't the last one still baking bread, I am too. I had pretty well given up baking, so much easier to buy but since March I've been doing all our baking again. I think this is a habit I'll keep even when this pandemic is "over" whenever that is. Happy stitching!

Suzanne said...

I’m still baking bread too! And also not going inside of stores - haven’t been inside Target or the grocery store since March 13, in fact. If they don’t ship it or let me pick it up in the parking lot, I’m not buying it. I’m also avoiding a certain company that could be called the "World's Lungs", and it’s been a fun game to find alternatives. But nothing beats the fresh bread experience!

Rose Orr said...

My neighbor has a sourdough pot going and makes bread regularly, and a quilt buddy had to go knead her bread yesterday when we were done talking. Lots are still doing it, and maybe I'll get back to it someday. Really like your maple leaf top.
Your posts are spot on Lane. Thanks.

Dot said...

Your falling leaves quilt is such a pleasure. I keep returning and clicking on the picture for a closer view to enjoy your fabric choices up close and personal.

My 35 year old son who works in the emergency room, caught Covid-19. It was not life threatening for him, but he was miserable. He has recovered and is being cleared to go back to work, so our family is one of the lucky ones. It is absolutely worth watching out for each other and staying safe.

Carla said...

I love the falling leaves. The colors are awesome.
Covid is real for sure but some people don't grasp the idea behind the mask and just think it's infringing on their personal liberties. I do a few things out and about but 90% of the time I'm shopping online. Or I make sure it's when most people aren't out and about. If it's crowded I don't go in.

Take care and stay safe