Cleaning and oiling

This weekend was more cleaning around the house.  I've gotten into some tough projects the last couple weeks; the things I put off and off and off until the stars line up just right and I'm in just the right mood.  

I spend so much time sewing that I forget to take care of my machines.  I'd been oiling the hook race and cleaning out the bobbin case area but that was about it and it was time to take them apart and do some deep cleaning.  When I was making the bedspread, I used some upholstery thread, to make it stronger (I thought).  Anyway, it didn't, but in trying to use it, I'd gotten the tension on both machines all out of whack, so I had to set the tension on them both.  That's my second least favorite sewing machine repair.  My most least favorite is adjusting the timing, which I'm so afraid to touch that it makes me a more careful sewer lest I hit a pin and throw the timing off.  

The Bernini 930 is ready to quilt something.  This is my quilting machine and almost all my quilts have been quilted on it.  It's a machine from the mid 80's but I'm pretty sure that if I keep it oiled, it will outlive me.  It runs almost silent and makes a really nice buttonhole.  I consider it one of my best friends.

This is the Singer 401.  This is what I use for piecing and other sewing.  After I messed up the tension on the Bernini, I finished the things for the bedroom on this machine and am looking forward to making a set of drapes for the studio with it.  This is a great machine and the only thing I wish it would do is needle down.  I have to turn the hand wheel or work the foot pedal just right to get it to stop needle down.  But, it compensates by being easy to use and clean.  This machine belonged to a friend's mother and had a lot of miles on it.  When she passed, the family offered it to me.  I own a lot of vintage machines and this is one of the best, hands down.  I've seen several of these at Goodwill and wish I could have rescued them all. (The Singer 301 is stiff competition.  It's not quite as strong, but it's light and portable or can be mounted in a cabinet.)

When I was cleaning the stove yesterday, I looked out my window and saw this and thought "wish I was there", so I stopped and cleaned the window so I could take a picture and say I wish I was there...but I never made it there.  And if I had, the mosquitoes would have carried me a way, one drop at a time.

That, and this little lizard are the only garden pics I took last week.  I spent yesterday pulling Johnson grass out of the garden.  I've been so busy trying to keep it watered over the summer that I hadn't noticed how much grass had come up.  Between cutting off dead leaves and pulling grass, I filled our composting bin.  I was surprised when I was done to find that my back hurt, but I was so relaxed and stress free.  Weeding is good for the soul.

Remember these guys?

This is who they grew up to be.  Yesterday was the MASH premier's 50th anniversary.  WOW!  50 years.  

My Mom missed the picture of the bedspread so here it is again.

But this is what it looks like most of the time.


republicans lied to migrants so they could use them in a political stunt, trying to make dems look bad.  Instead, dems accepted them, took care of them and helped them get to a facility better equipped to handle them...you know, like the facilities that are built along the TEXAS border that would help them if our viciously hateful power hungry governor would get out of the way and let them.  I pray that Beto beats the crap out of him at the ballot box.  

In Ohio, at a trump rally, they had the attendees hold their right hands up in a nazi salute.  This shit is real folks.  We are in danger from our friends and relatives who have let themselves get deep into the mega movement.  Unfortunately, there's no way to convince them that they aren't the victims they see themselves as.  They insist they are victims, but can't show any proof of anything except white privilege.  How do you argue with that?  

Everybody have a great week!  Take care of your sewing friends and keep them oiled.  If you've never sewn on a vintage machine, give it a try!  You might find that it does what you want better than a computerized machine where you have to do what it wants.



Dot said...

The color (stain?) you put on your backyard fence is just right. It is a dynamite backdrop for all your lovely garden plants. In point of fact, most of your garden pictures give me "I wish I was there" moments.

Suzanne said...

I always look forward to your weekly posts, Lane!

Anonymous said...

50 years! Wow! I remember crying while watching the last episode. Love the photo of your dog in the pillows. Such luxury. Thanks for sharing. Mary

Testosterone said...

50 years! Time flies, and with any luck, we all get older.

Vintage machines are testimonies to a purity of froth and function.

Ohio: it's the perfect storm. Trump worked 44 of the the 88 counties to tip this state his way - he won them by margins in the 80 and 90 percentiles.

There is plenty of "just under the surface" rabid racism here - just go shopping with a man of color and it will manifest front and center.

The future looks sketchy, as if the "playground enforcers" of childhood now have clearance to resume bullying and injecting their beliefs onto others.

Ken Burns' special on the Holocaust is holding up an old hand mirror, and in it, a modern reflection.

Keep creating Lane, you have many quiet admirers.