together time

After sewing for a week and then being deposed again on Wednesday, I really needed some down time.  Rob's work has been stressful and he needed it too, so when he suggested that we go on a road trip for some antique shopping and lunch, I was all in.  The forecast was rain all day and we both love to drive in the country in the rain.  

It didn't rain, but there were some beautiful cloud formations.

Even this dark cloud failed to give rain on us or at our house.

There's nothing like defying common sense to bring a couple close after a stressful time.  And, buying dishes defies all, any and every bit of common sense.  But they were on sale (really, really cheap) and they didn't begin a new collection for us.  We already had 4 place settings of this that I've had since before Rob and I got together (and 4 was all we ever needed)  Out of all of it, I only found two chips.  We look for dishes that have pattern, but aren't frilly.  Things like plaids, symbols, leaves.  And, 40-50's era dishware has such cool serving pieces!!!

Okay, so for everything that comes into our packed house, something of equal or greater measure must go out.  So, I spent two days packing two large boxes of stuff to send to our friend that helps support her family by selling it, then rearranging everything to take advantage of that space to accommodate these new pieces.  That got me on a kick and I ended up cleaning out the pantry, the baking cabinet and the knife drawer where I found a knife I had to have because Martha Stewart used one on her show one time but I never used.  (I tried it once, couldn't get the hang of how my hand needed to work and then put it away.)  At some point today, I intend to go through some drawers and see what else I can find.  And one day soon, the sewing room closet!

Okay, so don't let me get ahead of myself...

This week, I spent a little time studying this quilt.  What a lot of time, effort and thread went into all that quilting.  I know I probably show this one off a lot, but I'm particularly proud of it.  The pattern was a BOM for a queen size quilt, but I didn't need a queen size, so I cut everything in half and made this wall hanging.  Then, I quilted the devil out of it.  

I'm so glad to see Democratic politicians finally taking over the narrative.  In Biden's speech, he spoke about a small group of people who believe that if they can't have what they want, then no one gets anything.  That's the opposite of democracy and the steady march of time has proven that position to be unsustainable.  Time marches on.  Progress is constant, even when forcefully restrained.  Some people are bad for democracy and as citizens of the United States, we have an obligation to use our voices and our votes to speak louder than them.  And, if they want to rise up against the might of the US government, they can, but they need to look at what is happening to the perpetrators of Jan 6 before deciding.  Because whining about being a victim and shouting about anger are one thing, but picking up a gun and trying to overthrow a government of the people, by the people is punishable by life imprisonment or death.  

Everybody have a great week!  If you're celebrating Labor Day, enjoy the day.  On the other hand, if you're like most people I know, you're going to labor on Labor Day because that's what we do when we have a day off work.  If that's you, then make at least part of the day special.  I picked up a steak yesterday, which is infrequent enough around here to make it special!


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We all need the rain. Thanks for sharing. Mary