Valuable skills

We finished the new bedclothes on Saturday.  When we were trying to finalize the plan for the headboard, we decided we needed a new headboard, a larger one with better legs than the one I put together 20 years ago, before I met Rob.  No, there was nothing wrong with the one I built, but the one Rob built is better because he has different skills than me.  I made the spread, bedskirt, 2 large and 5 small decorator pillows and re-upholstered the headboard.  (don't tell anybody but the zippers in the large pillows don't match.  Rob says that's so we can tell the left one from the right one, but there is no left or right one)

Rob makes our bed and had one special request.  The stripes on the large pillows should be easy to match for someone that's mostly asleep when they're doing it.  And, I did.  They won't match if he turns them upside down, and the zippers are on the bottom to help with that.  

But, any day he can't get them to match, he can turn them over and not worry about it.

Here's where that third little pillow went.

We just need to add art and we will be done.  

I went to the garden center unsupervised one day and came home with a white bougainvillea.  I enjoyed it in a shady spot on the dec for a few days and then moved it out to the sun.  And, it turned pink at the tips.  Loving that!

My thryallis has decided to bloom.  I almost lost this one last year, can't remember why.  Too much sun maybe?  Anyway, this spot is mostly sun, but not the hot late-afternoon sun and it's perked up.  

Last year, I had volunteers that someone told me were Senna.  I pulled them up because they got too big for the garden and were not in good places.  This year, the same happened, but instead of throwing them away, I put them in a pot and am going to see what happens.  If they're the candle Sennas, then the blooms will be beautiful!  They didn't even wilt after being pulled up bare root and repotted.  

I'm reading Just As I Am, Cicely Tyson's autobiography.  She's had the fascinating life you'd expect and I've learned so much about her that I didn't know.  But, it's not just about her life.  It's about being black in America and I'm learning a lot I didn't know about that, too. Not so much things I didn't know, but things I never gave much thought to.  Things like the difference between equality and equity.  Equality gives everyone the same helping hand.  Equity gives everyone the same opportunity.

Over the course of my life, I've seen equality get better and better.  But we have moved into a time when equity is needed.  


My, my but wasn't last week an interesting news week?  First, student loan forgiveness.  I get why that needed to happen, and am no more upset about it than farm subsidies or dairy subsidies or PPP loan forgiveness.  I'm more interested in the rest of it, the restructuring of interest rates to avoid predatory lending.  That's where Joe Biden made a change that will help America long term.  

We also found out more about the documents trump stole and most likely sold.  I see the government putting the facts out there and I keep hearing about repubs seeing those facts and changing their loyalties.  While I'm impatient for this to unfold, I get the need to change as many minds as possible before taking the next steps.  And, I believe trump is tweeting out threats to foment an uprise against the country if we pursue him further.  His defenders can say he's not, but that's just another lie.  

People who are still supporting the maga cause are supporting people like this.  They can pretend they're not, or pretend this is one extremist, but it's not.  I'm seeing more and more of this.  And it will not stand.

Everybody have a great week!  Find someone you love and love them to pieces!  



Anonymous said...

I'm not a church goer, but I was curious about what that a.h. said. And according to what I read, that was the way in the Old Testament. But in the New Testament, that is not the case. So - if that is what you believe, than you are NOT a Christian.
But then, it was a GOP that stated that and we know that they can't tell the difference of a lie and truth.

jane said...

His sort of 'christians' just believe what they want,not what Jesus said. Jesus was sent by God to get rid of his kind. Why won't they listen?

Elle said...

I love the way the two of you have different skills that combine so well. And yes, the news this week was very interesting to say the least. It's enough to renew one's hope. I re-read the poem "A Brief for the Defense" now and then as a reminder of the power of joy.

Anonymous said...

The bed looks excellent! Great fabric. Goes well with the new paint. Matching….oh Lordy…..lots of work. Thanks for sharing. Mary

Kathy said...

There's a reason why I read your blog! This one was a perfect example--sew, garden, read, same politics! You still have to work and I'm retired, but that just gives me more time for sew, garden read! Wonderful to have good stories from your life to enjoy vicariously!