Good Grief, Everybody's here!

I'm almost weepy, so glad to see so many old friends here. I've raided everyone's followers lists, linking to as many of you as I could find. Some have changed names and if I didn't recognize you, please link up to me and let me know where you are. There's still a couple of people that I want to try to convince to move. I hate to be moving, but, like several of you have said, I just can't keep posting at the other site as it is unstable.

Okay, so I'm still posting old pictures that you guys have already seen. I'm trying to do a little catching up and setting up and when that is done, I'll start to post some new stuff. These are two more blocks from the cmas quilt.

I'm so excited! I'm sure I won't get any quilting done today. I'll spend it all online getting everything just like I want it. And, cousin It, aka the kid, who I've decided needs to be called by name, Sydney, just came in the room, so peace and quiet have ended and 10 billion question time will begin. See ya' soon. Lane


Seams to Sew and Quilt said...

Welcome, Lane, good to see you here. You will continue finding people for a good while.
Love the new blocks your working on, very cute.
Have a good weekend.

Auntie Em said...

Hi Lane! I'm glad you found your way over here! I am not going to continue to blog over at myquiltblog, and I will miss it. But at least with the "follower" feature here at Blogger, it makes it easier to keep connected.

Becky said...

Hi Lane!! I'm so excited to see you here! I must admit that I checked the other site occasionally to see what was going on in your world....I am so very fond of you......but I didn't comment, which I realize now that I could have sent you messages. Oh well, I never claimed to be the sharpest crayon in the box :)
Well.....anyway, I'm glad Sam let us know that you are here and I found you!

Nancy said...

Oh, I just LOVE the brown plaid bunny! So cute. Re problems with your old blog and worrying that everyone did not follow: can you post a final entry onto the old blog giving the address of your new one? I have seen a lot of blogs that do that. And Bravo to you for taking an 11-year-old girl into your family. I was adopted and think it is a wonderful gift.