still excited

I've been so excited about finding everyone again that I've spent most of the day folding fabric. I know, it's really crazy, but it's hot as the gates of hades here today and humid to boot, so inside work was definitely called for. And, my stash was overflowing and needed a good culling and folding. Spooky! Anyway, hope everyone is having as much fun as me. Tomorrow, it's goodwill. Take care. Lane


marlene@ByTheSeam said...

Hi there quiltfool, I am soooooo very happy your here. I see by your followers you have quite a few people here from "over there". This is a nicer place in reguards to not "crashing" if you know what I mean. I originally started here anyway. Great to have you aboard, there are so very many talented people on this blog. Oh if you go to www.quiltqua.com they have a listing of bloggers, just click on the blogs listing on the right of the page. They also have give aways listed there and so many bloggers have give aways here too.

Molly said...

Hey guy--Sooo nice to "see" you again. I am so sorry about the crash again, you loose so much stuff, and there is nothing you can do about it. This is like having a family reunion !! I have really missed your posts and I hope everything is good with you and I remember hot hot it gets there, I'm glad I am up here in the cool. Loved seeing all your projects, you are so good at this and getting better--I am so jealous *LOL* Just joking--Chat again, take care. Molly