Brrrrr! Quilting weather.

Well, I spent the weekend diligently sewing sleeves on quilts. I have the last one made and can start attaching it tonight. I know, you really can't see them, right? That's exactly what I intended. These are quilts that hang in the living room and after the sleeves are attached, we'll wash and block them all before hanging them again. Right now, we've still got that cmas quilt up. Hey, it took so long to make it, we might as well get to enjoy it, right?
And, I got Sydney's shams finished. Here they are drying and blocking. I'll take a pic when we get the pillows in them and get them on her bed. They look terrific! We took a sneak peek before the wash. The curtains and valance are cut and the sides are hemmed. Of course, they're going really fast.
And, this is our little dustmop who will lay on anything we put on the floor. This time it was a quilt I was trying to pin the sleeve to. If only he'd do something this cute after he'd been brushed.
Okay, that's going to do it for today. It was a full weekend. Too cold to get out. We had a frozen water pipe on Saturday morning when we woke up, but it thawed without a rupture. Temps in the teens at night and not much warmer in the days. Thank goodness, that seems to be passed and we'll be above freezing for the rest of the week.
We made great progress with the therapist on Saturday. I promise that we've been taking your advice. We are picking our battles and tempering those selections with the fact that she is a straight A student. We're focused on two really bad behaviors that break the law, but are carry overs from her past. Our consequences are original and fit the situation and are intended to build a bond within our family as much as to punish for the offense...things like the 5 foot rule where she isn't allowed to get more than 5 feet away from a parent, except to take a shower. Sounds horrible but after a few days of that close monitoring, she's always ready to get back to normal, which for a teen is pretending that we aren't a constant source of embarassment.
Only time will tell how successful we are. But, in the spirit of also taking care of myself, I been quilting as much as I can. I've just been watching Eleanor Burns try to alter the grandmother's flower garden pattern to make it a one day quilt. I'm not sure you're supposed to be able to make that quilt in a day. Isn't the process as important as the finished product?
Take care and have a great Monday. I'm helping train a new co-worker starting today. It's always nice to see the old job through a new person's eyes and I never fail to learn some new and easier way of doing things by sharing what I know and then listening to how they interpret that.


Becky said...

Glad you got so much accomplished. The shams are beautiful and so is your dustmop. What breed, or should I say "brand" is the dustmop? It is good to hear that there is improvement in the family dynamic. It is always hard....even when you have them from birth, so just hang in there. Hope your day flies quickly by so you can get back to quilting!

Coloradolady said...

Glad things are going better. I loved the photo of the "dustmop" I have three of those, just with less hair...so they don't do their job too well, but love anything to lay on....love Sydney's shams, they are really nice.....Have a great day!