Change is good!

I had a heck of a long list of stuff to do this weekend and I got to all but one thing. Oh, well. Maybe next weekend???

One of the things I got done was to get stuff rearranged on our mantle. What was up there before was very symmetrical and balanced and had been that way for years and I needed something different. I started two weeks before cmas when I found a picture in a magazine of a mantle I loved. That got me started dropping hints. And, I dropped hints until the floor was littered with them. And, I finally got Rob to try this arrangment out. Once he got started and had the picture, he went to town and I think it looks terrific.

And, I finally finished the curtains for Sydney's room. First, here are the quilt and the shams on the bed. The only thing left for me to make in there is a new bed skirt.

And, here are the curtains and valance. Had a hard time convincing them to hang the valance at the ceiling, but there were sooo many reasons, including a big crack in the wall that the valance now covers up. We took her to JoAnn's on Saturday to pick out purple beaded trim to go along the edge of the valance and the ties, but the little rat had changed her mind again and picked blue. When I reminded her that she was the one upset that there was no purple, she gave me a really sheepish smile and said she really liked this better.

While I had the side hems out to add the extra fabric to the top and bottom, I decided to line them, not knowing that was going to double the time they took to finish, but it was worth it. They look better and they block almost all the light so she can sleep late on weekends (and I can quilt uninterrupted).

While we were at JoAnn's, we used a coupon and I bought 10 yards of 104" wide batting. That should do me for a year. I estimate that it will make 10 or more wall hangings and there just wasn't a reason not to get it...well, until I got it home and remembered I had to store it. Fortunately, they gave me a cardboard roll and Rob and Sydney put it in a really large plastic bag and it has found a place in the garage. Hope I don't forget it's there!

Take care and have a great Monday. Now that those curtains are done, I'm ready to pin baste one of those quilts I posted on Friday. Anybody wanna guess which one got the most votes? You'll have to go check it out. And, if you didn't vote, go ahead. My mind can still be changed.



Hazel said...

You did a wonderful job on Sidney's room , I just love it .What a lucky young lady she is .

Becky said...

The room turned out beautifully!! No wonder Sydney likes it. The fabric in the curtains is soooo pretty!

CC said...

What a real talent you have, everything is just gorgeous. What craftmanship you have, her bedroom is so very pretty. Love that trim on the curtains..

Sunshine said...

Aww, I love the quilt on the bed! Simple quilts - cause I consider quilts that don't involve triangles and curves relatively easy - can turn out sooo lovely. I need to do quilts with large squares/rectangles more often - they let you focus on the fabrics instead of the pattern!

Well done Lane!


Susan L (lily40au) said...

Man ... you're disappointed you got everything bar one thing finished this weekend. I am so jealous ... I got one thing only done and I am itching for the next weekend to get started. LOL Those curtains look fantastic ... really lush and rich. You've done such a great job.

KK said...

Hi Lane... I love it all! The curtain fabric is so pretty and the beading is gorgeous. You have worked very hard and it really shows! Oh yeah...that fireplace is awesome and your mantle looks very nice. Rob did a great job. Can't wait to see more of your fabulous creations.

Vesuviusmama said...

If ever Sydney gets tired of her room, I will gladly move it. It all looks GREAT!