My perfect Needle case

Wow, we made a VERY busy weekend. On Saturday, we got up and decided to go antiquing after therapy. We went to some of my favorite places for bargains, little towns that are off the beaten track. We got a lot of stuff for future VTT posts and didn't spend much money, which is always a good thing and I got some really nice hand quilting done on the drive. Then, Sunday afternoon, I spent about 6 hours oiling and cleaning my machines. I got to everything except the Serger. That meant taking them apart, oiling, cleaning under the needle plate, cleaning the tension disks, adjusting the tension and a new needle (my fingers are sore today!) And, I took a few minutes to practice on the treadle. I'm still working to be able to hold the needle in a stopped position without the weight of the treadle making an extra stitch and getting it to start with the wheel turning in the right direction, but I'm getting better. Hopefully I'll be able to make a quilt on it someday soon. And, I finished the evening burning music for my MP3 player. I had to replace my laptop a few months back and that meant starting over and making a new playlist of favorites. I lost the old playlist trying to transfer it back to the laptop, which frustrated me, but then I got a good start and was on my way. If you're a Glee fan like we are, I strongly recommend the two CD set of their songs. It's soooo worth it to get to hear those great songs again.

But, I wanted to share my needle case with you. First, you need to know that I've been in search of the perfect needle case for a while. I do a lot of hand work in the truck while Rob drives. It keeps me from making comments about safety, which is another good thing. I looked at professionally made needle cases and antique needle cases and I made needle cases, but I could never find the right one. Then, we were at an estate sale and there was a "free" box and this little ladies wallet was in it. Something said take it...you'll find a use for it.

First, I cut out the plastic cover for the drivers license and replaced it with an old credit card covered in two layers of batting and a pretty fabric. I bought a pair of inexpensive stork scissors that fit perfectly in one of the credit card slots and my leather thimbles flatten and fit in another. It will fit a bobbin of thread or I can wind enough thread on a piece of cardboard to get me through as much sewing as I can do in one ride and I bought some tiny plastic spools this weekend at an antique store that are about a half inch tall and wide that should fit perfectly into the fold with the help of some elastic to be added later. Next I'll be looking out for one of these that's maybe leather? But, it has to be cheap! BTW, that's that log cabin quilt that I started quilting this weekend in the background. I only got to two blocks, but they're looking great!

And, this is us with our faces washed on the way to the dinner Friday night. I think you can tell that we really don't like to spend time away from the kiddo. We look so sad about leaving, don't we?

Well? Don't we?

Y'all have a great Monday. I'll be earning the daily bread and dreaming I was quilting, especially now that all my machines are running near silent. Lane


lesthook said...

Oh what sad faces,LOL! Your needle case is very cool.

CC said...

Love your needlecase..and yes, you look so sad.
Well, actually, you look way cool and happy. That's how it should be. :)

Becky said...

The needle case looks great....so don't you and Rob!! Hope you enjoyed your evening. I'm liking what I see with the log cabin quilt! I can't wait!

kwiltmakr said...

Smart idea turning that wallet into a needle case. Not sure I could hand quilt in the car. Your quilting on the log cabin looks great.

Riet said...

What a good idea to make a needlecase out of that wallet. And yes you look sad to go out. LOl

Shirleymac said...

Great needle case. Your quilt looks great! Is that one of your own templates? Poor you having to leave Sydney at home while you had to go out. Yes, you both look very sad.... not. Great picture by the way.