Another walk through the garden

I've been trying to do a picture walk through the garden about the 24th of the month each month. February and March. Now, it's April and the garden is really coming into its own.

There are several first time bloomers this year. This trumpet vine is a first timer. I bought this last year and it didn't do so well, so it stayed kind of in the back. But, this year, it's certainly making up for it.

This is the kitchen garden after a good weed. I pulled the snowpeas yesterday and put in carrots. The snowpeas gave us enough for one meal. Oh, well. Snowpeas are not my forte, apparently. This bed is full of tomatoes and lemon trees, potatoes, a pepper and a rose. Everything I'll need to cook.

This is the daylily bed with cannas and elephant ears that will hold it through the hot summer after the lilies have finished their bloom. Lots of scapes. I hope that translates to lots of bloom.

Another first time bloomer. This is a native that just loves the sun. They grow everywhere around here and make these 8 foot stalks covered with these waxy blooms. A great show for this early part of the year.

And, this little Louisiana iris has made its first bloom this year. I hope it will do more and more. I don't quite know where this came from. I know I had some yellow LA iris that I haven't seen bloom in years and now I have a purple. I love the unpredictability.

The other end of the daylily bed.

And, my sitting area. Now, with all the time I had that I could have sat out here this weekend, you'd think I would have made it. But, alas, I stayed inside and played with my sewing machines and we watched the whole series of Harry Potter movies released so far. But, I did sneak out here a few times to work in the yard...in the peace and the quiet.

And, this last one is the long side bed. Not much for color this time of year. This shady bed will come into its own in the hot summer, when the other beds are just trying to stay alive.

Rob's big job this weekend was repairing the deck so we should be able to get a few more years out of it before the inevitable replacement. But, every year we can spend a few dollars instead of a bunch of dollars is a good year, huh?

Okay, that's it for us. I've come up with a new pattern and almost finished the quilt. I've also been trying to FMQ for a few mintutes every day, but I kind of got stuck for ideas on my MIL's quilt. But, that gave me the time to get a Linus quilt bound. I really need to schedule a drop-off and get them out of the house so I'll have more storage room!

Oh, and you know my mentor that I'm always talking about but haven't seen in over a year? Well, I decided it was time for a handwritten card, including an offer to come help her get her machine out of the attic, where it's been for over a year, if that's what it took. Well, I heard back from her this morning. Hopefully, we'll at least meet for lunch soon.

Take care and have a great Monday. Lane


Seams to Sew and Quilt said...

Nice garden and beautiful flowers there.. I wish I had more time to work in the yard...

Paul said...

Glad to hear you are trying to contact your Quilting Mentor. Wish I had one.

Your garden is beautiful. My wife claims ours, and I am perfectly OK with that. I built the fountain, but she does the rest. I tend to kill plants, unless of course we WANT to kill the plant, then I can't seem to if my life depended on it!

We have a set of daisies that come up every year right in the middle of our lawn. I have dug up bulbs several times, and I have finally given up. Last year I decided I was not going to dig up my lawn again, so I just mowed them along with the rest of the lawn. They apparently are extremely hardy, because they came up again this year!

Have a good one Lane,

Becky said...

Beautiful, beautiful garden. This is the first day we have seen 80 degrees...and the rain is on its way.
Have a great week!

Elizabeth said...

Gardens are such lovely, restful places. And spending the weekend doing a movie marathon of favorites is awesome.

xo -El

qltmom9 said...

Brrr...still pretty cold in IN. The magnolias are still blooming and tulips and daffodils are perfect, but we still aren't as green as your pictures.
It's 50s at night, 60s as the highs still.
I wasn't going to put a veggie garden in, but dh wants fresh tomatoes, and if I'm going to do that I may as well plant a few beans, then the kids will want certain items...so there it goes...


INKcredible Girl said...

Yay for getting to see your mentor I'm sure you'll have a lovely catch up. by the way your iris is beautiful

lw said...

I hope your date with your mentor went well. For several of these last posts, you've been a good mentor to your readers, so maybe it's catching.