Service call

Last night, when I was finishing my MIL's quilt, my Bernina (Evelyn) was making a turrible racket. So, this morning, I gave her a good service.

Now, this view is why I love my Evelyn so much. All steel inside. Like my vintage machines, she has no belts inside. The only belt connects the motor to the drive shaft. Consequently, when she needs oil, she is sure to let me know.

First thing I found was this felting of threads under the needle plate cover. Gross. And, I pride myself on how clean I keep my machines, but there it was, nonetheless. If you don't remove the needle plate cover and clear this out periodically, you will have to have your machine serviced more often.

And, here's another little ball of lint starting to form. Bad lint. Bad.

But, after a few well placed drops of oil and a reset of the tension on both my bobbin cases (one for piecing and one for quilting) she was all ready for another 5000 yards of quilting thread.

Between service calls, I only need to oil the hook race and I do that with every bobbin change. One drop keeps her purring along.

After that, I finished a Linus quilt for April with a foldover binding and now we're off to do a wee bit of shopping. Right. Rob's going to spend his birthday money and I need a quilt back and some screws for that cabinet with the National machine in it. And, now that I have all my pins out of quilts, it's time to pin baste something. I need to quilt. I want to quilt. And, it's already getting too hot to be outside in the afternoons, so all yard work has to be done early.

Take care and have a great Saturday. "Make sumpin' purty."



Michelle said...

Don't you just love it when we can fix our own machines? Why, you probably could buy 3 or 4 quilt backs in what you saved in a service call.

Have a great weekend!

ps...I'm hoping a Singer 404 will be waiting for me somewhere today. Just itching to have one, for some reason. At one time, I had about three, now I have none. Oh well, keeps the 'hunt' interesting.

Becky said...

I envy your ability to service your machines. One of my Pfaffs has something all messed up with the tension and I don't have the $$ for a service call. I bet it isn't much wrong, but don't have a clue where to start other than the rudimentary instructions in the book....which I have already tried. Ugh. Happy shopping!

lw said...

I hadn't thought about oiling the hook race with every bobbin. I do use compressed air and blast out the lint, but I'll try oiling.

I am working on sumpin' purty, but I've got some unsewing to do first (sigh.)

Cynthia L. said...

Thanks for talking about cleaning your machine. I really need to take the time to take care of my machine!

Hope you find some wonderful goodies on your shopping trip! I went to a garden store and an antique store today! Lots of fun!

Piece by Piece said...

I don't know what I am doing with my machine, so leave it for the professionals, It would be much less expensive to do it myself...more $'s for fabric. I just finished sumpin' purty.
Hope you had a good day.