There's nothing like a quilt show

There is nothing like a quilt show for a quilter.

Everywhere, eye candy hangs from the walls. Perhaps an inherited antique.

Perhaps something unfinished from Mother's cedar chest, hand quilted by friends.

Walking through the maze, you hear other quilters "ohh" and "ahh" over the same quilts that draw you across the aisle to get within smelling distance of a quilt just so you can study a quilters stitches or pattern.

Or their re-interpretation of an old pattern. The murmer of the white glove ladies pointing out something specific and beautiful about a particular quilt selected as a favorite.

Or, a quilter explaining to a friend why a particular quilter's use of color makes a quilt special.

Or stumbling up on the recreation of the old family pattern.

Or a new quilter exclaiming "I could never do that!" while you smile smugly to yourself and think, "You don't know what you'll be able to do yet."

Maybe it's explaining to a daughter how just two fabrics can be perfectly combined...

To create something of infinite complexity.

Or hearing a quilter explain shading to a friend. (Ohh, I'd love to remake this quilt.)

Unfortunately, the aforementioned daughter was more interested in the miniatures, which are way above her level.

So, then we had lunch.

Take care. I'm about to put that orange Linus quilt in the old Bernina and quilt it up. I hope.



Hazel said...

Lovely quilts. its hard to pick a favorite .I've always loved the wedding ring pattern but the 7th one caught my eye .

Impera_Magna said...

Ohhh.. very nice! Quilt shows = trouble for me b/c I always add more projects to my "must make" list!

Elizabeth said...

Sigh. So many quilts . . . so little time!

I loved both wedding rings -- the miniature and the full size. Were the arcs on the red one pieced or was the fabric just really variegated? I couldn't quite tell. Anyway, it was spectacular! I can't wait for the spring quilt shows around here! Thanks for sharing.

xo -El

Becky said...

Thank you for the trip to the quilt show! It was a quite a treat for me! They were all beautiful.

lw said...

I think doll quilts are about as mini as I want to get. I love the sunbonnet sue, but like the other quilter, I don't think I can picture me making one.

Becky said...

YUM - Looks like Sesame Chicken was for lunch - one of our favorites. We don't get too many quilt shows in this area which is a real bummer. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

Cynthia L. said...

Don't know which looked better, the quilts or the dinner! I am hungry right now, can you tell!

I love quilt shows, I am always so inspired. I really like the combination of quilts you have posted about. I am wanting to do some mini quilts. Thanks for sharing.

Pauline said...

If looking at "eye candy" quilts were fatening, I'd weigh 10,000 lbs! These are beautiful, especially the red wedding ring, I must add that to my "wanna make these" list. Thanks for the great post Lane!