Three day weekend

I took Friday off. My boss is out of town for the month and has insisted that I take it easy. So I am.

I spent a huge chunk of hte day working on this. Even though it doesn't look it in this pic, I did work out the details of a gradual change in the size of the red strips. It's assembled to the shape of an S and I'm going to mount it to a solid beige background. We also picked up a golden tan backing for it. It's so big and heavy that the only place I can work on it is the living room floor.

Lots of echo quilting is planned for this and I'm trying to work out how to get maximum space from a bunch of sewing cabinets and dining tables that are grouped together in the center of my sewing room. I hope to be able to spread the whole thing out while I quilt on it.

I also got my April Linus quilt pin basted and ready to quilt. This one I'm going to quilt on the 15-91. But, I've lost that huge spool of green thread I planned to quilt it with.

And, I got this one pin basted. It's a housewarming gift for Rob's mother. She's just moved to a new community and we thought this would be perfect.

And, I have one more in the works that I can't talk about here because it's a gift for a reader.

I'm back to painting in the kitchen. I got most of the cabinets primed yesterday. Today, the pantry and some touch up. And, next week, new paint. I am ecstatic. It will be so nice. The paint we put in there 5 years ago has peeled terribly and even the primer looks better than the kitchen has looked in years. Poor Rob. He put so much effort into it and I cheaped out on the paint and bought the off brand and it just never got hard. Later, I get the new floor that's been out in the garage for over a year. I hope it will make it a nicer place to work and that I'll become inspired to cook again.

Take care. Have a great Sunday. Be careful and have fun.



Impera_Magna said...

I am loving that figure-8 quilt top... it's fascinating! I'm sure Rob's mother will love her new quilt. Good luck with the cabinet painting... been there, done that... but it's so worth it in the end!

Pokey said...

Your colors in the circular piece are so well placed. I appreciate it's work, but cannot even fathom making one! I really like the houses, what a great gift.
And where do those missing spools of thread go? They must hang out with socks....

andsewon said...

Oh My Goodness Lane that is amazing! Art piece for sure!
The gift for Rob's Mom is very nice! Fit in right here too...;-)
I really would love our kitchen cabinets painted even picked out the color but I'm a scaredy cat!!
Sounds like a fun 3 day weekend for you!

Becky said...

LANE!!!! That figure 8 top is a prize-winner. You just have to enter that one in a show! You have such a vision about things. I love to see what you come up with....it always makes me smile. Have a relaxing day.

Coloradolady said...

Please Lane, you need to enter that in the big show up here in the fall. Trinity Valley Quilt Show, Ft. Worth, Texas. Look it up, and see when the deadline is, I think June or July. It is simply amazing!!!!!

It sounds like you are super busy this weekend. I have not felt up to par, so I am going to try and do a little house cleaning today and sewing this afternoon. I am making a quilt for my son.....pattern thrown together out of my head, inspired by some of the fabrics used....we will see how this turns out!!!

Your little house quilt is adorable....I am so amazed how you get so much done. You rock!!! Enjoy your rest of the weekend.....have fun! ....um and painting is not too fun!!!

Andra Gayle said...

Can't wait to see pics of the kitchen. Great progress on quilts. I am very envious of your day off spent quilting.

Shevvy said...

That figure of 8 is absolutely stunning.

I'm glad you are able to get some time off to get on with all the bits and pieces. Good for you.

lw said...

I agree-- the figure 8 is turning out so well that I would want to see it in a show. I also love the house quilt for Rob's mom-- I've always wanted to make one.

Irene Onderweegs said...

What a Fabrillicious 8 u m8!
And a reallly homey welcome for a moving mum!
I really hope that you will get some emotional and stress rest, you deserve it.
Love from a sunny Amsterdam, Irene

kwiltmakr said...

Oh my, the figure 8 quilt is amazing.

Amy said...

Very nice quilts!

ql said...

Good grief. That is breathtaking. I've been quilting for ten years and am not nearly at that level. Just beautiful.

Pauline said...

My first impression of this figure 8 quilt was a big, loud gulp of air. It is stunning! Even though I love to sew difficult, time consuming quilts, I know this one is way, way beyond my skills and patience. Congratulations to you for a spectacular piece of art. Since I've gotten lazy the last few years, I don't envy you all the other chores you've laid out for yourself, but I know the satifactory feeling you'll have when the job is done.
Keep up the good work friend.

Auntie Em said...

Lane, that is a real stunner! What great imagination you showed to put it together like that. I can only imagine the engineering behind it. Beautiful!

LynCC said...

Wow!! Love the figure 8 diamonds!!! SO wait - did you figure it out all by yourself, or did you have directions to work from?