The devil made me do it...

Okay, not really the devil, but the really good pricing at Goodwill. I did not go out shopping for a new machine. I needed a new cabinet. I didn't find a cabinet.

We decided that with the kid in school for Memorial Day, we'd go out and see what kind of trouble we could get into antiquing. Turned out, not much because all the antique stores were closed for the holiday.

So, after a nice long drive in the country and a blood sugar moment that almost turned into an argument, we ended up back in Austin, having not gotten out of the truck for anything but a cash machine. We went to a Mexican Restaurant that I'd been wanting to try...YummY!!!

And, we went to Goodwill on the way home. I spotted this Singer 237 from way down the aisle and it looked like another shopper was going to get it while I tried to decide. The price was right and I plugged it in and everything seemed to work okay, so I brought it home.

I gave it a good oiling and started sewing on it. It's in need of a very good lubrication, but for the most part, it sews great and is very, very quiet. And, it's my first vintage zig/zag machine. All the others have been straight stitch and this owner's manual, which I had to find online, says it will do all kinds of things, including FMQ and satin stitching.

When I got it all oiled and set up to sew, I tried to put a needle in and it wouldn't stay. I was about to start shopping to see if I could figure out what was wrong. If I was going to have to spend money to get the machine to work, I was going to return it to Goodwill and see if I could bargain an even better price. Then I saw this little U shaped part in the cut out next to the machine. It looked like just what I needed to help hold the needle in, but I never suspected it was the actual part I needed. It exactly fit in the groove that I needed it to fit in and after a little fiddling, I got it in and put a needle in and used the machine to finish a pair of lounging pants for Rob. That fixed, all that's left is the light switch doesn't turn the bulb off. I have to unplug the machine. But, this too is repairable. Given time.

No, I did not need another machine. I have more machines than some forests have trees. But, I love these old vintage machines and can't help but pick one up when I see something unusual or underpriced. Maybe...just maybe...one day I'll sell a few. Sydney has already let me know that on my first day in the old folks home, she's going to start putting my machines on the market. Little brat.

Two days of school left. They aren't doing anything but cleaning lockers and watching movies. But, she wants to be there, so there she is.

Take care everyone and we'll talk to ya' soon.



sally said...

I like your new machine! Those vintage models are so reliable and it's neat that you can do your own repairs....like an old car. No computers or electronics involved (except the basic electrical cord). Check out the Singer Genie and Singer Starlet. They are from the early 70s with a neat carrying case feature. They will be the next collectible I'm sure. Bet even Sidney would like them.

Bonnie K Hunter said...

Awesome! We are the Vintage Machine Rescue Squad! I also can't leave these babies alone and would love to learn to work on them.....just don't have time yet, but I'm thinking it would be a good hobby for DH to acquire after HE retires ;c)


sewmeow said...

Congrats! It looks in very good condition.

Scott said...

I love Vintage Singers! After restoring my grandmother's 401A, I was addicted. I've added a 403A, and a 404 to complete the set. Then I had to have an AutoReel/T&S, so I added a 600E. Then of course, I needed a true portable and vertical hook - in comes the 301! Any more, and I may just get kicked out of the house; but these old machines are just fantastic!

Linda said...

Those old machines are really nice since most have the metal gears that new ones don't have. They will last forever with just a little maintenance. Congratulations on your new find!

Michelle said...

Oh, Lane. I SEW understand. Check out my blog post from yesterday, and you will see!

Collecting machines like we do is just something only we understand...or maybe I don't, but I know I can't leave them there!

Have fun with your new machine!

regan said...

Just remind Sidney that SHE's paying for that super-duper fabulous and expensive old folks home.....she's gonna need a really good job, AND the extra cash from selling the vintage stuff! Poor little girl! lol

Gail said...

Seeing your Singer Model 237 brings back memories of a summer when I was a sophomore in HS and worked on a strawberry farm to save up enough money to buy that machine--I think it was $65 and my grandmother had to give me $20 of it. I loved that machine and made all of my back to school clothes.

qltmom9 said...

I refuse to add up how many vintage machines I have. They are delights. I ALWAYS have one being worked on. My ds says he'll paint a VERY paint-chipped featherweight for me.
She's pretty.

Vesuviusmama said...

Neat! I still have the one vintage machine I bought :), and still haven't done anything to make it functional :(

My kids are still in school, and while my kindergartener is still learning, it appears that my 3rd grader is just watching movies and hanging out. I find it infuriating - why can't they keep teaching at least through the last couple of days? Sure, make it fun, but let them LEARN!

smiledarlin said...

Well- I got you beat...
My sister Howdy refurbishes OLD SIngers- the cast iron ones without the zigzag... she moved to PA from Mass and had to pack and ship over 200 old machines. Ya can't fix them if you don't have parts.

So my 1st one she cleaned up for me was a 1931 Redeye treadle I call "Ruby". Then I got a 1930's White machine that is a treadle that is metallic sky blue called "Ol' blue eyes" then I got a 1907 Singer Sphinx treadle in perfect shape- that is "Cleo" then I acquired a 1934 Singer treadle called "Phil" I then moved up to an electric- "Homer" a black 1951 Singer 301 which I use often if not one of the treadles. I recently got a 401A I call "Mikey" and I finally bought a computerized Brother I call "Ziggy" coz I needed a zig-zag machine and lastley I have my 17" Voyager mid-arm called "LuLu".
My husband helped move my sisters machines when she arrived at her new home- he has warned me NOT to allow that compulsion to hoard machines to take control.
I seem to get more older machines- but I find good homes for them... I ran out of room! LOL
Nothing sews better than the old cast irons that were made to do nothing else but sew a STRAIGHT STITCH!