Got that last seam in

And, I added a nice, bright red border, which is the same fabric as the John Flynn pieced backing and I was ready to pin baste. I spent less time piecing this whole quilt than it will take me to finish that pink quilt. I think I did this in like 5 hours. Now, some quick, allover quilting and another donation to check off the list.

I've got it in my Mom's Singer 15-91 right now, working on the ditchwork. All the straight lines do great on that machine, but for some reason, it has been skipping stitches on free motion. I might try one more time, but it's not like it's a big deal. I've got more machines to quilt on than Moses called frogs.

Everybody take care and hope you're having a terrific weekend.



Michelle said...

Do you use a topstitch needle when you free motion quilt? I think they are sharper, as well, as have bigger eye. Maybe your needle is the problem. If you don't have topstitch needles, try a metallic needle. They are sharp and have bigger eyes too.

It looks great, Lane!

Elizabeth said...

Love it!

xo -E

Paul said...

Thanks for a smile and a memory...

My Grandmother used to say, "... More Flies (or Frogs or locusts) than Moses brought to Egypt"

She usually chose flies ('cuz she hated them) but sometimes she'd toss frogs or locusts out there just so we all knew that she knew her bible.

Take Care,