Things don't usually work out, right?

Looks like the guest blogging thing didn't work out.

That's been my experience when folks have asked me to guest blog or sponsor or be featured. One day I'll learn not to get so excited.

Anyway, back to my life. The travel was okay. It's hard to leave the girl and the man at home to come up here for something that will not be for me what it will be for others. They'll have a wonderful time. Me, I'm just not a networker like that. They'll go somewhere tomorrow for fun and games (I heard the description of the place from the 12 year old that drove to dinner tonight). Me? I'll have dinner at the hotel and get to bed...sober, which will make me one of the most attentive people at the end of the conference on Wednesday.

This whole conference thing is wasted on me. I'd just as soon be at home, with the people I like the best. And, the dog.

But, other than a really bumpy ride from Houston to Cleveland, everything has been okay. I didn't get time to pull my sewing out in Houston airport. I did, however, walk about 2 miles in inappropriate shoes there because they couldn't decide which gate I needed to go to.

Then, I drew the big guy on the airplane. Nothing against big guys, but if he don't fit in one seat, that don't mean he can have part of mine. I paid as much as he did and deserve not to have a fat, sweaty armpit against the side of my face for two and a half hours. But, the good side was, it gave me something padded to bump into as we banged through the sky.

Now, I'll work for a few minutes and then it's off to beddy-bye in what looks like a very comfy bed. Only thing wrong with it is I'll be here alone. That sucks. But, this too shall pass.

Everybody have a great Tuesday. Lane


LynCC said...

Poor Lane. I'm horrible at socializing, too. Wait - a 12yo was driving??

regan said...

Yeah, what's the deal with people thinking they always have to drink!?! I don't get it! Can't folks just go out, have a nice dinner, talk, maybe have a glass of wine or something.....then head back to the hotel! What's wrong with that, other than I forgot to get dessert!?! lol

lw said...

I don't mind having dinner with my coworkers, but I don't want to be out drinking with them-- not professional. I feel for you drawing the big guy-- I've had that experience. Once on the way back from Spokane, I was seating next to the window (2 seats together) and my seat mate was a really sweet woman who weighed in excess of 400 lbs. I let her raise the arm rest and was squashed into the window for the whole flight. I fell asleep against her and it was oddly like being a little child again sleeping on my mother's lap.

qltmom9 said...

I know you didn't mean your post to be funny, but I've been by that guy on a plane and I'm a horrible socializer, so your post made me LOL.
Travel OFTEN stinks.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Hello Lane...I tried leaving a comment on Mary Ann's blog; but it wasn't working; so here I am. I enjoyed your story and your quilts....ty...

Cheryll said...

I also enjoyed your story... and a look into your quilting world! Very Nice too! Hope to see lots more of you .. and you were featured on RocknQuilts. Cheers :)

julieQ said...

I just had to comment on this one...'cause yesterday? Yesterday, I got to experience about 450 pounds of big guy oozing all over me and drinking 4 scotch on the rocks on the airplane, for a lovely 90 minute plane ride. Part of him was literally sitting on top of me...yuckola!