It is so nice to be home...

Got in last night, went home and ate a mound of spaghetti that the family left me. Almost immediately, it was time for bed, but it was sooo nice to climb into my own bed. It was shocking after days in the low to mid 80's in Ohio to get home yesterday and step off the plane in 97* heat. It just slapped me in the face and almost made me stumble on the jetway, it was so hot.

If you read my post yesterday...the one I deleted because it was too negative, even for me...then you know I wasn't very impressed with the conference. But, the wierd thing is that there was more going on than just the conference and I left feeling very uplifted and inspired to do my job better. I'm going to write a presentation and volunteer to be on the committee for the next conference...hey, if I want it to be different, may as well get involved and change it, right?

All was well at home and I certainly enjoyed getting to go sit in my sewing room this morning and work on a bit of applique. Dorothy was right. There is no place like home.

On the way home yesterday, I got picked for the big search because I gave the woman at security some guff. I objected to having to put my wallet and boarding pass in the xray tub at security, out on top for anyone to see and steal because my bag had already gone through xray. When I asked her if she was going to be responsible for the safety of my important items, she said no, the TSA is not responsible for items that are stolen. I am stupid and voiced, to no one in particular, that it hardly seemed fair that they force me to put my wallet in a tub for xray and then don't watch it to make sure it isn't stolen while I'm going through the detector. Next thing I knew, I was in the full nude xray machine. And, not being willing to stop there, exclaimed that I was so glad I wore briefs that day instead of boxers. That won me a pat down on my front because I had cash in my pocket that showed up on the xray. Turned out I had not actually emptied my pockets after all. For twenty dollars, a man got to touch my willy...I guess I should be glad I got to keep the dollars.

I hearken back to the words of either Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin who said "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety and will soon lose both." I did not feel one bit safer under the new method than I did the old method of security screening. It took longer and I still got through with my scissors and pocket knife. I felt no additional safety.


If you're in an area hit by bad weather, know that my thoughts are with you and yours. Remember that the last government administration assured us that global warming is not a threat and that all weather changes are the result of recurring weather cycles. Of course, they also assured us that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, so we know we can count on what they said.

Take care and have a good Thursday. We've got a choir concert tonight and then the end of school dance is tomorrow night. We are such involved parents.



Linda said...

Glad you made it home and are in a better mood. Nothing like flying to make you feel "helpless".
Start quilting and maybe your spirits will be lifted.

Shay said...

LaOh Lane - you made this Aussie chick laugh her socks off this morning.

"For twenty dollars, a man got to touch my willy...I guess I should be glad I got to keep the dollars"

Airport security is a pain. My husband ALWAYS gets picked up for extra searches.

Becky said...

Well, well, well.....I can't stop laughing! They probably put you on the no-fly list for that!! :)

Glad you are home. I hope there are pictures of the dance coming up!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Kate said...

Lane, I can always count on your blog to be unique - funny, isn't it, that not a single other quilting blog today that I read even mentioned a "willy"?

Thanks for being individual... and for sharing it with us. Have fun at the high school dance (I'd rather go through airport security than go to a high school dance)...

lw said...

Lane, you sound a lot more like yourself in this post, so I'm glad you're home again!

I was felt up last time I went through Fresno-- I wouldn't go through the naked scanner. If Texas manages to enforce the State's right to 4th amendment against illegal search without reasonable suspicion, I will be moving there. If I'd been in Austin yesterday, I'd have joined the protest against the TSA.

Vesuviusmama said...

OK, so I'm a bit behind reading your blog, but I'm glad I did because I laughed out loud at your airport security story - with you, not at you! Having done a bit of frustrating flying myself lately, I feel your pain.