Gonna make some shirts

It's okay to call me wierd. But, I make things to commemorate events. Maybe it's beading a bracelet or a bookmark. Or, maybe small quilt. Regardless, I like to associate things with events and we have a lot of fun pulling something out later and remembering some event together.

So, for our vacation, I'm going to try to make some shirts. The route 66 fabric on top is for a camp shirt for Rob and the stripe is for a camp shirt for me. I finally stopped letting Sydney choose whether to find a pattern for me to make her a shirt and just took her to JoAnn's yesterday and basically refused to leave until she picked something. She picked a pattern and fabric and buttons, all by her own little self.

And, I asked Rob to help me get down the tubs of denim. I have denim, denim and more denim in every color, shape, size. I have it on bolts and I have worn out jeans and I have overalls and...you name it, I have it if it was made out of denim. At one point, I had so much that I just donated all the jeans that didn't have holes in them. And, I adopted a pair of overalls that I can put on over my work clothes to water in the yard in the morning. So Farmer Bill.

Sydney and I had a nice time out yesterday. She was suffering a terrible sugar hangover from the dance the night before. It was just she and I and I didn't try to talk to her or anything. We just celebrated the end of school, quietly.

Today, she gets to pay for telling Rob a lie. Mwahahahaha.

I did get to sew a bunch yesterday, but it's all boring sewing. My quilting was all ditchwork adn the most exciting thing about that is that you can't see it, which is what you really want from ditchwork. And, I'm appliquing, but just leaves. None of the pretty stuff.

But, today's sewing is going to be for stuff I can show, I hope. Finishing a pair of lounging pants for Rob and the last feathers on West of Paris, Texas. And, some bindings. Hmmm. Better get up and get at it. We're on our way to the hardware store to look for a couple pots of color for the yard and new knobs for the cabinets.

Relax? What's that? I wanna go. I wanna do. When I am gone, let them say, he was a dynamo!



KK said...

Hi Lane...I'm back and enjoying keeping up with you, Rob and Sydney. Where are ya'll going for vacation?

joseph said...

You'll have to show us the results, sounds like they're going to be great:-)

Michelle said...

Can't wait to see those shirts!
Enjoy your weekend. I'm like you...have to always be doing something!

Bratling said...

Looking forward to seeing the shirts. After last Christmas's PJ sewing marathon (13 pairs, five weeks... never again), I'm almost allergic to making shirts these days!